How to Host Your Small Intimate Wedding

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With this new world we live in, small intimate weddings are definitely the way of the future, for now anyway! So, we have compiled a list of our favourite intimate celebration ideas to ensure your big day has the same fun and memorable setting as a huge wedding but with a lesser guest list. 


1. Use the Jove Meyer trick to keep the guest-list short!

Shivering at the thought of trying to narrow down a huge guest list? Start from scratch and employ this super handy trick from Jove Meyer (a well-known event planner); “Look through your text messages and calls, and only invite those you’ve spoken with in the last three months. We speak to those who matter most—it’s that simple.” 

2. Choose a more ‘non-traditional’ wedding venue!

When you don’t need space for hundreds upon hundreds of people, think about choosing a more special venue to add to that sentimental value. It could be your favourite local brunch/dinner spot, your backyard or even the place you and your other half had your first date! 

3. Celebrate a couple of times!

To respect Covid restrictions and with the best health of your guests in mind, why not hold an intimate ceremony with just you and your other half? Then a few months later, or even on your first wedding anniversary, host a “reception party” to include those who love and care for you! 

It’s also an excuse to wear another show-stopping gown like our Gold Sequin Rikki Gown! Can be shopped here:

4. Open up the floor to speeches!

Rather than hosting your wedding reception with the standard run-list of long speeches from pre-organised friends, pass the mic around the floor to hear from everyone who wishes to say a few words! As your guest list will be quite small, this will be a beautifully intimate moment to reminisce together. 

5. Gather around a cosy fire!

After a long day getting photos and saying vows, kick your feet up with your nearest and dearest around warm fire. Toast marshmallows and soak in the special day as it goes so fast!

6. Choose a more casual and comfortable wedding gown 

As your wedding may take a more relaxed route when on a smaller scale, choose a wedding gown that you are comfortable in. Something like our stunning Frank Gown or Fi Gown would be utter perfection. Their timeless silhouettes flatter and fit like none other.

They are both designed by Brisbane Wedding Dress designer, Vanessa Hoe, and can be fully customised to suit you:

7. Splurge on things you find important!

With a smaller crowd, your budget will go so much further than you think! So why not use those extra dollars on things you find special. Maybe it’s paying for your favourite expensive champagne or hire a large musician to serenade the whole night long. 

8. Fancy up the floral arrangements!

There may only be one bouquet and boutonniere so why not go all out? Accelerate the whole wedding look with some beautifully made floral features. 

Most importantly, enjoy the planning process and make decisions that feel right for YOU! At the end of the day, it is all about you and your second half so the more meaningful and sentimental it is to you, the better. Happy planning!


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