Suit FAQs

Your experience is important to us. We have summarised answers to our most frequently asked questions below regarding our suits. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on (07) 3368 3261 or at


How many people can I bring to my appointment?

As much as we love a good bridal party, we want to make the experience about you! We do understand how important it is to have your nearest and dearest with you at this special time however due to the limited space in our boutique studio, we like to ask you to bring no more than 3 guests.


Do I need to make an appointment?

Absolutely. You can follow the link to our website on our socials or visit our website directly to book an appointment.


Can I bring my bride to be or family and/or friends with me?

Yes of course. We want you to feel comfortable in our studio and having company and the opinions of those you love, and trust can be helpful. If you come alone, we’re here to offer you the advice and help you need.


What if I have no idea about the suit I want?

From the moment you walk into the studio you can see our stylists are very passionate and skilled in suiting. They are here to assist you and give you advice on colour, fit, fabric, appropriateness, and everything in between. Don’t worry, no prior knowledge about suits or suiting is required. Just remember, the most important thing is to choose a suit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.


What do I need to know before/during getting a tailored suit?

1. Determine the occasion: The type of suit you need will depend on the occasion. For example, a business suit is different from a wedding suit or a suit for formal.

2. Choose the right fabric: Different fabrics can have different effects on the look and feel of a suit. Consider the weather and the occasion when choosing the fabric. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the appropriate options for your occasion.

3. Pay attention to details: Details can make a big difference in the overall look of a suit. Pay attention to things like the buttons, lapels, pockets, and lining. These details can add personality and style to a suit. We will talk through these options.

4. Don't forget about accessories: Accessories like a bowtie or tie and pocket square, complete the look of a suit. Choose accessories that complement the suit and the occasion, we’ll make suggestions.


What is the process?

1. Book your appointment online and review our suit collection online to explore and gather styles and options to your liking.

2. Come into our studio and meet the team. Fabrics and suit options are explored, and all your measurements are taken to ensure every part of your suit is just right.

3. When your suit is ready, come back into the studio for another fitting. If there are any final adjustments or alterations that need to be made, they will be organised to ensure the cut and fit is perfect.

4. When your suit is completed, it is ready for collection. During this final fitting, all components of your suit will be reviewed to ensure you are pleased with the final outcome.


How long does it usually take to receive the final product from the first appointment?

Usually, the process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. We can provide shorter timeframes upon request.


How long does the first suiting appointment take?

Our appointments are 60 minutes. However, we are very accommodating so if you’re short on time let us know, and we can do discuss shorter appointments. If making a booking for the bridal party, a double appointment can be booked.


How many fittings will I need to come in for?

1-2 fittings will usually be needed, depending on your garments needs. It is important to ensure the fit and overall suit is to both your and our liking. If you feel you need more or would prefer less fittings, this can be discussed with your stylist during your first appointment.


How do I get measured?

Come into our studio in Bardon, Brisbane to be measured by an expert stylist. You can trust that our ladies are experts and are experienced in fashioning your perfect suit. Visiting our studio allows you peruse our off the rack suits, our fabrics and the possibilities for your custom-made suits.


How does the showroom experience work?

When Freddie Met Lilly provides an experience when you suit with us. You’re greeted by Coco, our studio’s mini sausage dog, and a smile from our team. A refreshment is offered on arrival, then you take a seat, and we begin the suiting process.

Once we’ve discussed your occasion and requirements, we explore fabrics which are best suited for you. Once decided, we take your measurements, discuss style options, additional elements, and accessories such as bow-ties and ties to best the suit and your occasion. Your order is then reviewed to ensure everything is to your liking.

Once the suit is ready, we will organise your next fitting. You will try on your long-awaited suit, and we will ensure every detail is correct, checking the cut, colour, and fit is perfect. Should any further adjustments need to be made, we will complete them promptly. Once those final touches are complete, your suit is ready for pickup.


Why do you recommend two pairs of trousers with a suit?

Two pairs of trousers will prolong the life of your suit. Trousers receive the highest wear in a suit because you sit, stand, and dance which regularly generates friction. Once a fabric receives too much wear and tear it becomes somewhat shiny and discoloured where it cannot be repaired to its original state. Two pairs of trousers, regularly rotating will provide a longer wardrobe life for the suit you dearly love.


How much are your suits?

Our suits begin at $399.95 for off the rack. Our prices then vary for custom made suits starting at $999.95 and ranging to $1999.95.


How should I best care for my When Freddie Met Lilly suit?


Hang your suit on a wide hanger. Choose a hanger that correctly supports the shoulders to ensure the suit maintains its shape.

Only dry clean your suit when necessary, and only do so at a reliable dry cleaner. We highly recommend Toleman’s Dry Cleaners, in Ashgrove. Please note that dry cleaners often use harsh chemicals that can impact on the longevity of your suit. Any small blemishes can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. If your suit is looking a little tired, a simple press will be more than sufficient.

Take care when putting your trousers on. To avoid ripping the hem, put your socks on first and carefully place your leg through the trouser.


Shirts are simple, a cold machine or hand wash at a temperature less than 30 degrees will be sufficient. A steam or a press will have it looking fresh and crisp. Keep your shirts hung up on an appropriate hanger.


Ordering and Payment 

Our store is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. After you place your order, an e-mail confirmation including an order number, will be sent to the e-mail address that was entered on your order form. Once your payment has been approved, your item will be packed and dispatched. You will be notified by email, to advise if any of the items you have ordered are out of stock. In this instance, the full amount will be refunded using your original payment method.


Payment Methods

Payment can be made through Paypal with Visa & MasterCard. Or over the phone with your Credit/Debit Card through Square.

You may want to pay by direct deposit. This is possibly by contacting The goods will be dispatched once payment has been received and cleared. If payment is not received within 5 business days, then purchased items will be returned to stock.

*If using Bank Deposit as payment method, please state your name & order number as the reference when transferring money so we can quickly determine your deposit & ship the goods. Our Bank Details for direct deposits:

Bank: ANZ
BSB: 014 210
Account Number: 381280973
Account Name: When Freddie met Lilly Pty Ltd


Overseas goods

Can my delivery be sent to a PO Box?

Yes PO Boxes are acceptable as we use Express Post bags.
What if I would like an item that is “sold out”?

Like any store, our stock of products is limited, and if an item is marked “sold out” then it is likely to not be available any more. However in some instances we are able to re-order items, so if you are particularly interested in an item, please contact us at and we will see what we can do for you.
How true are the garment colours of the products for sale?

Garment colours will be reproduced as true and accurately as possible. However, slight variations in colour and size specifications can sometimes occur. Please also note that the way the colours appear on screen is also a result of the settings and colour calibration of your monitor.
What if an item doesn’t fit, or I don’t like it once I have received it?

You are free to return or exchange an item within 14 days of receiving your product, as long as the item is in new, un-worn, un-washed and un-used condition with all tags attached. Please contact us at for an authorisation number with which to return the goods. Goods are to be returned at your expense, but a replacement item will be shipped to you at no extra charge. The receipt must accompany the goods. Items that have been returned that have been worn, damaged or altered from their original state will not be exchanged or refunded, and will be sent directly back to the customer
We can be contacted via:

Phone+61 7 3368 3261 AEST 9am – 5:30pm
Mobile: +61 408 079 70