WFML Real Bride: Matilda & William

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The Planning

Most people can agree that planning a wedding is a rather stressful time, and that’s without a pandemic to work around and or restrictions and guidelines to adhere to. Some weddings have had to be changed, postponed and cancelled due to these uncertain times and events of the past year. Our real bride Matilda and her now-husband William chose to elope and she says “I wouldn't have changed it for the world!” While Covid-19 put restrictions on the number of guests able to be present; reducing from 100 to 10 in a matter of days before their wedding, it was very hard to not feel rather helpless. Deciding to postpone. Matilda’s then-fiancé, now husband proposed an elopement; initially saying “NO WAY, followed by…My outfit was not made to elope!” Despite not being able to have the traditional wedding that they envisioned, they wouldn’t change their day for the world. 


The Dress

Finding the perfect dress also had its challenges; having initially put a deposit on a dress that Matilda says “I would have truly regretted,” she approached Vanessa at When Freddie Met Lilly. Coming quite stressed and very lost, she gladly welcomed the help and support Vanessa offered. Matilda shares, “When I returned for a last-minute appointment, Vanessa sat with me and we designed my dress to be exactly what I wanted.” Creating a dress that was truly beyond Matilda’s expectations. After trying on so many dresses she can’t even remember, our beautiful bride created a perfect boho gown with the fabric and pattern she chose herself, making it all the more amazing! She beautifully stated, “My dreams were not only made, but they were created.” Never feeling more beautiful than in the moment stepping into her dress for the first time, and see it.



Our Real Life Bride Suggests

Our real life bride suggests to future brides, “Try different styles. The very dress design I thought I would love, I ended up hating myself in. If you’re going to When Freddie Met Lilly, talk to Ness about what you like. She was more than willing to work with me to create my dream dress at an affordable price. My dress was completely from scratch; different to everything and a complete custom dress.” Matilda also suggests, “Go alone to at least one appointment. Try dresses on by yourself and allow all of your emotions and views on the dresses and your wedding day come through. It is an enlightening experience to go alone and make these decisions.” And finally, “Enjoy this time, getting married is exciting and all your hard work planning is going to pay off. My wedding day was far from what we wanted. It was an elopement that we never asked for, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. I wore a custom WFML gown and I felt beautiful.”


Through everything; changes of dress designs, changes in wedding dates, Covid-19, and general stress that surrounds such a big day, we are so glad to know that the team at When Freddie Met Lilly were able to make your day and dress decisions a little easier and special. 


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