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Tahryn and Benoit had a beautiful wedding and due to COVID they ended up having two gorgeous weddings! About a month before the wedding was planned in August 2021 the case numbers in Queensland spiked and Queensland shut the borders, the couple had quite a few guests from Sydney, Victoria and Western Australia and so they decided to move the wedding to the 5th of February 2022. This changed the theme of the wedding from a moody wintery wedding to a hot summer wedding. The couple had initially chosen the August date because they love going on holidays that time of year and so they wanted to celebrate their anniversary that time of year by going on lovely holidays! The couple couldn’t wait to be married so they decided to get dressed up with their best friends who were witnesses and their immediate family that were in Queensland. The couple signed the papers and celebrated at Howard Smith Wharves, just in case COVID was going to keep making them postpone the date and so they can still celebrate their anniversary every year in August!


The couple had planned an intimate wedding of 60 people who were close friends and family. Everyone they invited they really wanted to share the day with so they knew that they would have to postpone the day to make sure their loved ones could be there. They didn't want to get married without celebrating with them! The couple were unsure if they would be forever postponing so they decided to do both!


Most of Tahryn and Benoit’s loved ones were able to attend the celebration but they had a few older relatives that couldn't travel with COVID and the Western Australia borders were still shut so their family from there weren’t able to make it. The couple were so thankful and grateful for everyone that were able to attend despite COVID.


The couple ended up having two amazing days, both were completely different but both were magical in their own ways!


“I feel so lucky I was able to have the experience of both weddings and wouldn't change a thing!” -Tahryn

Tahryn had a vision of her wedding dress being gold and could picture it exactly in her mind. She Google searched to see if the dress she envisioned existed and came across WFML. That’s when she found the Ricardo gown and knew that was her dream dress! 


“It was everything and more… it was custom made and tweaked perfectly to me!” - Tahryn

At the insistence of Tahryn’s friend she went to a large bridal shop and tried on some traditional and beautiful dresses, she had a lot of fun dressing up but knew that it wasn't what she wanted, “we went just before my appointment at WFML and I already knew in my heart that I had found my dress there!” -Tahryn 

Tahryn absolutely adored her dress; she felt it suited her style and matched her personality completely! She felt and looked so beautiful and glam, we love the gold!

Tahryn had seen a burgundy velvet suit jacket that she knew would look amazing on Benoit and would look stunning with her gold gown. It ended up being a perfect match!


Tahryn went to her WFML appointment with her daughter and best friend and had such a fun time. “Vanessa is just the most beautiful and warm lady, she helped us with accessorising and ideas to personalise the dress to make it exactly what I wanted, I couldn't recommend WFML enough, it was always something to look forward to seeing the ladies at WFML at each appointment and the dress turned out perfectly.” -Tahryn


Tahryn’s advice to future brides is; “choosing a wedding dress is so personal and I think you can find exactly what you're looking for with a designer like WFML as they can take your dream dress and make it even better than you could have imagined!” -Tahryn

We’re so happy this beautiful couple finally got to celebrate and had such a perfect day and we wish them all the best for the future!


Bride: @tahrynblake

Celebrant and MC: @marriedbyjay

Photographer: @murrayredpathphotography

Videographer: @reddoorstudios

Venue: @thewarehouse and @howardsmithwharves

Stylist: @maineventweddings

DJ and Photobooth: @beatconnection

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