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Do you believe in fate? Paths crossing or not crossing at just the right time. Knowing someone is made for you, realising an invisible string was pulling you together all along? Knowing that something may not be ready to find you yet, but if you just wait, everything will work out. For Hannah and James, it felt as though they had finally found what they were looking for when they met in early October 2020. 


Hannah had been in NSW for 2 months taking care of her sick nan. After her passing, she met James just a few days later… thanks to online dating. Both were hesitant at first as they were at a point in their lives where they had given up on love. “But the second we met, we knew we had something special. I secretly think my nan helped to cross our paths”. 

Realising they were each other's person, it was time to tie the knot. To some, a double proposal may seem unorthodox, but to Hannah and James it was a perfect commitment and the perfect way to properly express their love. They collaboratively made the decision together and said “I’m going to love you, accept you, grow with you”. The couple then planned a romantic and intimate weekend away to exchange engagement rings and make it official! 

Once the pair had proposed, it was time for the nuptials! 

The process of deciding every minúte detail can be a struggle and it can be a very stressful time. Keeping it simple was the best way to go for Hannah. Focusing on their love, their union and their promises was the most important aspect. Having their Mums with them as they got ready and as their witnesses was the most family they included. “We wanted a wedding that wouldn’t break the bank”. The ceremony was at New Farm Park, which gave the two a stunning backdrop for some amazingly intimate images against a beautiful sunset.  They’d also booked an AirBnB nearby for the weekend. The reception was a romantic dinner, for just the two of them at Southbank. 


The post-ceremony dinner was a big moment for them. It was incredible “to just sit with each other in a beautiful restaurant and reflect on the day, our relationship and think about the future. We were really grateful for that time together before celebrating with our families in the days after”. Hannah referred back to her mothers advice being the most helpful in the planning period saying, “Don’t listen to what anybody says… have the wedding YOU want”. No matter what anyone else said, Hannah and James would have the day they had always imagined and it would be perfect.  

After discovering When Freddie Met Lilly’s bespoke bridal gowns and trying on a couple, she realised what this meant for her gown. Being a “control freak I wanted to handle a majority of the process myself”. So having full control over her own design and the ability to create the exact vision she had imagined was a dream come true. The whole team was able to recreate her vision perfectly from top to toe. 

Hannah created a stunning custom silky white, midi-length gown. With a square neckline, 3 quarter sleeves and a plunging neckline, trailed with silky buttons. The gown was the perfect blend of sassy and sweet with a stunning bodice (perfect for spinning). 


As for James’s suit. His new fiance had allll the influence, a look into their new life as husband and wife. Everybody knows your wife is never wrong. Though she did let him choose one or two things, his sleek black suit was also a custom made When Freddie Met Lilly creation and fit him perfectly. “He was beyond happy with the end result”.   

Once all the background aspects had been organised and their big day finally arrived their excitement couldn’t be contained. They were finally tying the knot with their soulmate, their other half and their forever best friend. The best part of their day was the getting married part. It was so easy, “it was such a small wedding we didn’t have much to stress over”. Though there are always those pre-wedding jitters, nothing could stop these two from having the day of their dreams.  

Overall, feeling comfortable and everything running smoothly was the most important thing to Hannah. Nothing unexpected would occur and it had been planned to a T. Everything went to plan and the pair happily joined in union. 

“My advice to others brides is, don’t worry about what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do for your wedding. The only opinions that matter are your’s and your partner’s”. You are the two who will remember this day forever and fondly look back with such memories and love. 



Though the pair had a small intimate wedding, the gravity of love and commitment could have filled 10 churches. This couple found their forever person and we could not be more thrilled for Hannah and James. 

Congratulations to the happy couple! 


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Photographer: @ericwangphotography

Hair & Make Up: @ellenmunromakeupartist

Celebrant: Jamie from @brisbanecitycelebrants

Backdrop & flowers: Cara from @brisbaneweddingdecorators

Bouquet & boutonniere: @floweramasydney

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