15 bridesmaid dresses in Australia

Bridesmaids are now became essential members of the wedding especially in western countries wedding culture. Bridesmaids are beautiful members of the bride's wedding party who typically support and assist the bride throughout the wedding planning process and on the wedding day.These all dresses you can find on our collection page of When Freddie met Lilly!

These dresses can be customized to your liking, and if you're looking for a boho feel, there are options available in that style too. It's also great that you mentioned wanting the dresses to be made to size measurements.Bridesmaid dresses usually of bride choices. Mostly the color scheme is white for bridesmaid dresses but it can vary according to the color theme, bride choices and on bridesmaid likes.Bridesmaids should look very elegant, beautiful and stylish as because they stands along with the bride in the wedding ceremony. Following are the beautiful, elegant and stunning designs of bridesmaids dresses are below.


Dawn gown

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The Dawn Gown is absolutely breathtaking! Its mesh bodice adorned with lace and hand-sewn beadwork creates a stunning look. The fitted skirt enhances the figure while still being comfortable to walk in. It's the perfect choice for a formal event. You'll definitely turn heads in this dress!


Briella gown

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The Briella gown looks stunning. The combination of soft tulle and a high-neck lace bodice creates a beautiful and elegant look. And the best part is that you can mix and match the colors of the tulle and lace to suit your personal style and preferences. It's all about creating a gown that reflects your unique taste.


Elliot gown

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The Elliott Gown is a stunning choice for your special event! The high neck bodice and fitted straight skirt, adorned with soft ruffles, create an elegant and sophisticated look. What's even better is that it's made from our comfiest stretch lycra fabric, ensuring both style and comfort. If you're looking for a high back alternative, be sure to check out our Emmy Gown.


Samsara gown

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Absolutely gorgeous! The shantung silk gown with a voluminous skirt, halter neck, and backless design is a classic stunner. The waist tie adds a touch of elegance, and the multi-size fit is perfect for sizes 6 to 16. You'll look amazing in this dress! It looks stunning with beautiful headpiece.


Xanadu gown in chiffon

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The multiway gown you is so versatile! You can style it in various ways by adjusting how it's tied. This floaty gown has an ethereal and dainty feel, perfect for creating different looks. It's all about finding the style that suits you best. Have fun experimenting with different tie options!


Debbi two piece gown

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A sweet and elegant formal gown. It showcases a beautiful tulle skirt and intricate lace details on the bodice. Complete the look with a nude heel for a chic and eye-catching ensemble. You'll definitely make a statement in this soft and sweet gown!


Faithful gown

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The Faithful dress is absolutely stunning! It's made from a comfortable and stretchy neoprene fabric, and the ruffle details on the bodice create a beautiful silhouette. It's a truly unique choice for your special event.


Blakely gown

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Blakely is a timeless and modern chic gown that's perfect for your special occasion. The beautiful lace panels sculpt the figure, and the deeper lining enhances the lace pattern. It's a truly stunning choice and to wear with high heels and beautiful headpiece  and matching jewelry makes it more elegant!

Sabene gown(with split)

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The Sabene Gown is made of stretch poly silk and can be ordered with or without a split. It's a versatile multiway gown that offers beautiful volume in the skirt. You can wear it backless, high neck,v-neck, halter, or one-shoulder. The neck ties create various back designs, and they also become the waistband, allowing for a customizable fit. It's a multi-size gown that fits sizes 6 to 16. Perfect for any occasion!


Cayanna gown

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Cyanna is a timeless sleek sequin gown that's easy to accessorize. It comes in various colors with an optional split. Perfect for a stunning and versatile look!


History behind bridesmaid:

Bridesmaids have a rich history dating back to ancient Roman times. They were chosen as witnesses to the wedding and dressed like the bride and groom to confuse any potential harm from vengeful spirits or jealous suitors. Many of the marriage traditions we have today, like exchanging rings and having a wedding party, can be traced back to these ancient Roman customs. The Roman matron of honor was expected to be a moral role model for the bride, known for fidelity and obedience. Therefore bridesmaid, flowe girl are important members of wedding so, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses should also be unique. If you are looking for wedding dresses in plus size as we made customized dresses, you can check our plus size collection.


Can you choose a man as your bridesmaid?

In modern weddings, it is very common that bride is standing by side with her male friends. If the brides feels confident about her male friend and their male friends are their good friends so these male friends can be their bridesman. It shows their importance and their unique relationship with the brides.


They often participate in pre-wedding events, help with wedding preparations, and stand by the bride's side during the ceremony. Bridesmaids usually wear dresses that complement the bride's chosen color scheme or theme.Mostly bridesmaids are unwed young girls of marriageable but

 bride can also choose a married women it depends upon the bride choice.