Ultimate Wedding Guest Attire Guide for Women 50+

By the time a woman reaches 50, she has a strong sense of self and knows her values and beliefs. It's a wonderful opportunity to reflect that confidence in her personal style. Age should never be a barrier to style and self-expression. In fact, reaching the milestone of 50 is an exciting opportunity to embrace your personal style and showcase your confidence to the world. In this blog, we will explore how women over 50 can dress with flair, staying true to their individuality while feeling comfortable and empowered. Remember, style knows no age boundaries, and you have the freedom to express yourself authentically. Let's dive into the world of fashion and discover some tips and tricks to help you look and feel fabulous at any age.

Dress The Woman You Are

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It's essential to embrace the person you are today and let your style reflect your growth and evolution. While the person you were 15 years ago was undoubtedly amazing, you've likely experienced changes both mentally and physically. Dressing for the present you allows you to express your unique journey. Consider your current lifestyle and how your interests and pursuits have evolved over time. It's important to keep the functionality of your wardrobe in mind, ensuring that it aligns with your day-to-day activities. As our lives change, so do our wardrobe needs. By using the power of dress, you can showcase your individuality and confidently embrace your current self. Let your clothing choices be a reflection of your personality, interests, and aspirations. Remember, fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression and can help you feel more connected to who you are today. So, go ahead and curate a wardrobe that celebrates the person you've become and the exciting journey that lies ahead. Dress for the present, embrace your evolution, and let your style shine!

Don’t Use Too Much Makeup

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Don't go overboard with your makeup! Applying excessive amounts can actually make you look older. Heavy layers of foundation and bright, dramatic colors can emphasize fine lines and texture in your skin. Instead, opt for a more natural and subtle approach. Less is more! Choose matte eyeshadows and avoid sparkles that can settle into creases. Embrace a fresh and effortless look that enhances your natural beauty. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make!

Avoid baggy and oversized clothes

They may seem like they hide imperfections, but they actually draw attention to them. Instead, opt for fashionably loose bottoms paired with a fitted top or a smartly-fit blazer. Slouchy sweaters can work too, as long as you wear them with fitted bottoms like skinny jeans. The key is to find clothes that fit you properly and make you feel confident. Avoid anything too tight, as it can emphasize features that have naturally shifted with age. Dress to highlight your best features and embrace your unique style!

Try light and neutral colors

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Dress to reflect your personality and embrace your unique style with light, neutral colors. These versatile shades can create a timeless and elegant look for women over 50. Whether it's a soft beige, gentle ivory, or muted pastels, light neutrals can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Pair them with complementary colors and textures to create a visually interesting ensemble that showcases your individuality. So, don't shy away from light neutrals - let them be the canvas for your fashion expression!

Elegant maxi dresses

Maxi dresses with long sleeves are such an elegant choice, especially for women over 50. Whether it's a wrap dress, button-up shirt dress, empire line, or skater dress, opting for a slightly larger size with full sleeves can really enhance your femininity and sophistication while also concealing any shape imperfections. And the best part is, you can easily accessorize to complete your look! Add a stylish belt, a chic scarf, or even pair your dress with flat trainers, slip-ons, or flat boots for a casual occasion. If you're heading to a dressy event, go all out with expensive accessories and high heels to elevate your style. Remember, it's all about finding what makes you feel confident and comfortable. So go ahead and rock those elegant maxi dresses with long sleeves, my friend! You will find elegant maxi dresses and wedding guest dresses for over 50 on When Freddie met Lilly.

Heels or no heels?

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While heels have long been associated with femininity, it's important not to put too much emphasis on them. They're not a necessity for feeling sexy, and truth be told, they can be quite harsh on your feet, knees, and hips. As we age, practicality becomes key, and that's where slingbacks and flats come into play. These shoe styles are much safer for your joints and balance, plus they can still look fabulous and fashionable. So, consider opting for comfortable and stylish slingbacks or flats that will keep you feeling confident without compromising your comfort.

Avoid old fashion

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Dressing in those once-trendy suits? Nah, that's so last decade! Let's talk about how to look beautiful and sophisticated in your 50s without going down that matchy-matchy route. Trust me, there's a whole world of fashion possibilities waiting for you! Believe it or not, you don't have to stick to matching colors in your outfits and accessories to look great. Let your creativity and taste shine by playing with different shades of the same color or mixing in complementary hues. It's all about expressing your unique style and adding that modern twist to your look. And here's a little secret: adding different textures, colors, and patterns to your outfits can take your style game to the next level! It's a fantastic way to keep your look fresh and dynamic every time you rock the same outfit. So why settle for outdated suits when you can embrace your individuality and create your own fashion statement? Let's unleash that fashionista within you!

Crop Tops and Short Shorts

Let's get real, these trendy styles are more suited for teenagers and young women. While influencers and fashion bloggers may rock them effortlessly, as a mature woman, it's important to remember that you can be sexy without revealing too much skin. Crop tops can actually make you look older, and hot pants (a.k.a. short shorts) won't necessarily give you a youthful and trendy vibe. One of the best things about being a woman over 50 is the freedom to not care about what others think of us. For me, clothes are about feeling great and comfortable in my own skin, rather than impressing everyone else. It's all about embracing our unique style and supporting our lifestyle. In this stage of life, I prioritize clothes that allow me to move freely, be comfortable, and stay active without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. I'm all about having clothes that support me in living a healthy and vibrant life! So, when it comes to what to wear, T-shirts and shorts are totally fine, just make sure they provide enough coverage. Opt for form-fitting shirts that aren't too tight, and consider Bermuda shorts that rest right at the top of your knees. These choices will keep you looking and feeling great!



It's true that as time goes on, gravity can have an effect on our earlobes, especially if we've been wearing heavy earrings. Those older pieces may not have been designed with long-term wear in mind. But fear not! Jewelry has come a long way, and nowadays there are so many options made with lighter materials. So while it might be a good idea to retire your heavier pieces, you'll have no trouble finding new ones that are both stylish and comfortable. Embrace the lighter side of jewelry and keep rocking those fabulous earrings!

Dress with style and confidence

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Dress with style and confidence as you age gracefully. Embrace your unique fashion choices without shame. Wear what you love, try a natural makeup look, and highlight your best features. It's all about feeling comfortable and expressing your authentic self.
Highlight your best features: If there's a part of your body that you're not feeling super confident about, no worry! You can still create amazing outfits by focusing on the areas you feel most comfortable with. Choose clothes that highlight your favorite features and draw attention to them. It's all about embracing your unique beauty and rocking those outfits with confidence!
Create visual focus: Use Textures and Prints to Direct Attention where You Want it! Prints, for instance, can help smooth and accentuate curves, making them perfect for tops and bottoms. Alternatively, you can use the shine of a satin rayon shirt with a necktie to draw attention.
Accentuate Your Waistline: Find the Perfect Bra for Separation, Choose Mid to High Rise Pants, and Flaunt Curves with Dresses. Empire line dresses elongate the torso, while L&F wrap dresses define the waist and drape gracefully over the tummy with pleat details.!
Rock the peplum trend: Embrace tops with flouncy frills that beautifully skirt your hips, enhancing your feminine curves. These peplum tops not only create shape through the hips but also add definition to your waist, giving you a flattering silhouette. Don't be afraid to show off your curves and embrace the stylish allure of peplum tops!
Make a statement with color: Opt for classic cuts to maintain sophistication while embracing a bold and vibrant palette. Use color to assert your presence and showcase your unique style. Don't be afraid to experiment with vibrant shades that reflect your personality and make you stand out from the crowd.