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Beautiful Lydia and fiance Tommy, planned a sensational pre-wedding photoshoot in picturesque Queenstown, New Zealand. The couple had a few worries about the shoot day initially as it was a cloudy time, but, unbeknownst to them it was the perfect weather for photography! Being big lovers of mountains, Lydia and Tommy knew they wanted to feature them somehow in their wedding celebrations. As they couldn't hold the ceremony there, they thought this pre-wedding photoshoot was the perfect solution! It was simply beautiful.

After meeting the WFML team at a wedding expo and searching through our website Lydia fell in LOVE with our Eastwood gown. From the pastel pink colour, to the gentleness of the tulles, to the detailed, hand embellished florals that adorn the sheer mesh bodice of this gown, it couldn't have been more perfect for their plans in New Zealand. We loved working through the little elements of the dress with Lydia and making a few changes, such as adding green leaf detailing to match the earthy tones of the Queenstown landscape. Tommy's suit was chosen with the help of their photographer and it complemented the statement of the Eastwood gown just perfectly. When we asked Lydia how she felt when wearing the gown she replied with this; "I felt like a floral princess. I bit like how Princess Aurora's dress in Maleficent was. My fiance also felt that the dress suited the scenery very well. He was in awe (in love even!) when he looked at his bride- to- be twirling on the hills, playing with the Eastwood gown, with the mountains as a backdrop. "It was a sight to behold!" he says." And that it was. 

Congratulations Lydia and Tommy - we wish you all the best for your upcoming big day. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pre-wedding photos with us - what a lovely idea! 


Lydia's Instagram is @lylydiaaa 
Tommy's Instagram @tommychowder
Photographers @tintedphotography 
Make up @jetmakeupartist
Hair @hairtowedbytina
Floral @thevasequeenstown
Location: Queenstown New Zealand 

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