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Emily and Tex managed to have two beautiful weddings, the couple looked amazing at both! As soon as the couple got engaged they started planning their wedding immediately, unfortunately their initial plan was to get married in April 2021, however, COVID had other plans. They moved the date to October 2021 and were so eager to tie the knot they went ahead with the wedding even though Tex’s whole groom’s party and most of his family were unable to attend. The couple got married in a gorgeous old country hall just outside of Gympie. Despite the COVID issues the couple had a lovely day and a really fun night, they were extremely grateful for the family and friends that could be there. 


However, they still wanted to be able to properly celebrate with Tex’s family and friends so they had a gorgeous second wedding in Tex’s traditional homelands Goodooga, Noonghal country which is near Lightning Ridge New South Wales. In April this year they travelled down for five days of camping and prepared for the second wedding over the Easter long weekend. It was absolutely amazing Tex’s entire family was able to be there and celebrate. They were welcomed by Tex’s family with a reception of traditional song and dance which was so honouring. The second ceremony was in an incredible setting, in a giant wool shed at a massive station on a clay pan. They had camp oven Dorper lamb, roast vegetables and a huge cheese and dip stand. There were festoons around the shearing yards and they had a giant country disco!

Emily creates events for a living so the wedding was perfectly organised and everything ran smoothly. Emily had sent all the guests the run sheet the day before the event, the couple wrote their own vows, had a playlist sorted for the DJ and their photographer was fantastic, everyone knew what they were doing and where to be. The first wedding was a little difficult without some of their loved ones but still amazing and the second was a dream!

Unfortunately the couple had wet weather contingencies for both weddings, they were well prepared and the only issue would have been the dirt roads at the second wedding but thankfully it didn't end up raining!

Emily was so in love with her When Freddie Met Lilly dress! At first she was terrified of dress shopping, even in normal life, Emily ordered her clothes online and wasn’t used to taking the time to shop. She wanted to look amazing but she set herself a $500 budget, she didn’t think she would be too fussed about what she wore. But then her wonderful friend said Emily needed to get her dress sorted and booked her into a lot of places on a Saturday. The first place they went was a big factory shop that was full of other brides, really stark white satins and wall to wall mirrors with helpful staff. This overwhelmed Emily and she went completely within herself, “my internal monologue was in full force and I pretty much shut down” - Emily. She tried on a few dresses but felt like she didn’t belong in these types of shops, they were not very size inclusive so none of the dresses fit or made her feel confident and she just wanted to leave and get into her pyjamas! “I looked at so many dresses that morning and was totally beaten and disheartened.” -Emily. 


Emily’s friend was trying to remain upbeat, she convinced Emily to go to one last stop at When Freddie Met Lilly. “AS SOON as we walked through the door I knew I would find my dress. Vanessa and Karolina were incredibly welcoming, there was so much beauty in the showroom, the puppy was so cute… just everything felt good!” - Emily.

Emily tried on her favourite dress, but she wasn’t sure it worked on her, Karolina found a few more “and then…. I tried on the next dress… my entire being felt lighter. I felt beautiful. I felt like a bride!” - Emily  The dress was a beautiful Art Deco style lace that Vanessa bought in Italy with the lining and looked so beautiful on Emily! “My fittings were so relaxed and I got so much more excited. Seeing my dress hanging up on the day of my wedding (number 1) I was so excited to get in it and marry the man I had never dreamt I would have the fortune of meeting!” - Emily. 

We’re so happy Emily didn’t give up after going to the first shop and found us! She found a dress that looked so spectacular, made her feel confident, like the beautiful lady she is and that suited her perfectly! She loved the dress so much, she’s working out how she can wear it for a third time! 


Emily’s advice to future brides is: “do all you can in the lead up to ensure that on your wedding day or days, you remember every moment, every blessing, all the little things and you can take time to enjoy each other and all your loved ones who are there to witness!” 

We’re so glad the beautiful couple got to have two magical weddings and that it all worked out perfectly! We wish them all the best for the future!


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Catering: @good2eatcatering

Emily: @traipsing_em


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