To Veil or To Not Veil… Wedding Dress Planning

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Wearing a veil is the oldest part of the bridal ensemble that was known to signify innocence and purity. The tradition is known to date back to Ancient Rome, where the veil is said to have protected the bride from any evil spirits on her wedding day. In this day and age however, many see it as a stunning, luxurious and oh so stylish accessory. 

Whether you want to ensure positivity on your big day or you just want to indulge in the bridal tradition, deciding whether to wear a veil on your wedding day can sometimes be quite a daunting decision.

While veils may seem old-fashioned to some, we have designed a breathtaking range perfect for the modern bride. From our classic plain Belle Veil to our statement Eastwood veil, we are proud to offer these customisable pieces and help brides find the veil of their dreams! 

We’ve compiled a few of our bespoke veil designs along with a handful of our favourite alternatives to a veil to assist you in deciding whether to veil or not to veil!  

What length veil would best suit me?

There are three common lengths for veils which all provide slightly different looks! These are:

  1. Blusher Veil - a short single piece of veil that covers the brides face;
  2. Cathedral Veil - a long, dramatic and elegant style most commonly seen and;
  3. Birdcage Veil - a short, fresh and fun option for alternative brides.

So, it totally depends on the theme of your big day, wedding dress and what you feel comfortable in. Here are a few of our favourite Veil designs (available at our Brisbane Wedding Gown Studio) to provide a better understanding of which length is perfect for you. 

  • The Belle Veil is a single tier, mantilla style veil, in a soft baby tulle with french lacing trimming and a sheer blusher.

  • This veil has a single, short layer of the soft  tulle, and adds an understated softness that does not detract from the back features of any gown.

  • | EMILY VEIL |
  • A cathedral length statement veil. Our Emily Veil is made with the softest tulle and is adorned with hand cute floral motifs, with scalloping around the base of the gown for a dramatic finish.


    What should my veil be made out of?

    Commonly crafted with tulle, a veil can also be personalised with a number of elegant materials, such as lace, floral appliques, beaded detailing. Our bespoke range of veils are handmade from high quality tulles, chiffons and lace. Have a peek at our few of our favourite designs below:

  • The Eastwood Veil is scattered with floral embellishments throughout the length of this piece and made in a stunning blush tulle.

  • | GIANN VEIL |
  • The Giaan veil is made in an off-white tulle, with scattered pearls throughout its length, and a simple hair comb at the head.


  • | FI VEIL |

    Our Fi Veil is an elegant, classic long one tier veil featuring a fully scalloped hem. The ultimate veil when paired with our Fi Gown.

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