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With a New Year upon us, an entirely new group of blushing brides will tie the knot with their significant other. A wedding day is one of the most magical times in ones’ life and the end goal is for everything to run as smoothly as possible.

Every bride has ideas and visions that they want to make come to life on their day. We just have some more… unconventional traditions that brides could try and incorporate into their day to add just that little bit of extra magic.


      1. Vows on the bride and grooms shoes

Vows are a chance for both the bride and groom to speak from their heart and to say exactly what they are feeling. To keep your partner with you throughout the day, one idea is to have vows, poems or sentiments on the bottom of your shoes to keep them and those special words close at all times. 


      2. First look with the groomsman 

If you are close with your partners groomsman and want to add a little extra excitement to your big day without seeing your betrothed, having a first look with the groomsmen always works for that extra confidence boost and knowing you look phenomenal!


     3. A private last dance

A first dance defines a couples personal style. It can define their personality and how they work together. However, take a spare moment and consider having a private last dance. Steal a moment just by yourselves and enjoy the feeling of being with each other and knowing nobody else is watching. 


     4. Bridesmaids decide on their own dresses each in their own style

Bridesmaid dresses are renowned for being hated. They are seen as the bane of a bridesmaids day as they will only wear it once and never again. But, one of the best ideas on this list is to let your bridesmaids choose their own gown, in their own style as long as it matches your colour scheme. This will make them feel more comfortable while still enjoying your day the way you want. 


     5. Circular ceremony

Instead of having a traditional lined seating arrangement you could opt for a more unconventional circular ceremony. You and your partner stand on a circular stage while family and friends all get the perfect seat to watch the entire ceremony without obstruction.


     6. Saved seats for loved ones who have passed

In this sad time of lockdowns and restrictions, some of us may have lost loved ones. At your ceremony, reserve a few seats and put a rose and name badge to remind everyone loved ones are still with you and always by your side.  


     7. Colour theme

One of the more unusual ideas is opting for a colour scheme. While you and your partner wear white (or whatever colour you so choose), you could send out a card asking guests to wear a specific colour. It will not only make the photos even more exciting but it will make you and your partner the centre of all the photos and avoid clashing colours throughout the event. 


     8. Disposable cameras

Last but certainly not least, disposable cameras. While this isn’t a conventional tradition it can add to the tone of your wedding, if you so desire. At each table, guests can pick up a camera and document the fun hidden moments that you and the groom may not see. 


Every bride is different in what they envision for their wedding so these are suggestions for those who want to try something different for their day. It won’t define your event but will add that little extra sparkle and sentimental moments for you and your partner.

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