WFML Real Bride: Clare - 2 piece Wedding Gown Design

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"After a 4 month engagement, our wedding day went brilliantly!" Aiming for a casual and relaxed atmosphere, Clare and James had a beautiful, cocktail style wedding with a cheerful vibe of socialising. It featured fire pits, marshmallows, a dart board, interactive jukebox and a buffet style dinner - how incredible!! To make it even more fun, the newlyweds choreographed their wedding dance to an Irish jig! At first Clare knew more of what she didn't want than what she did want when it came to her dream gown. That is where we (and her gorgeous posse of girls) came into play! We absolutely loved showing Clare our range and how she could personalise the gown to reflect her gorgeous personality. "Myself as a person, is usually pretty casual so nothing over the top. I also knew I wanted something a little bit sexy for my man. I was open as well, it wasn’t long until we nailed it! Between my girls and the girls at WFML and myself, we found something awesome for me!" Hubby James was so excited to choose his own suit and did so in such style, getting his (and their 4 yr old son Coen's) made overseas in Vietnam. Clare reflected that they weren't entirely in the colour scheme she would have gone for but the groomsmen had such fun picking them out and looked oh so handsome. Clare, being a standard size 14, had some difficulty finding her ideal gown until she came to visit our team at WFML. We were so thrilled to be able to play around with styles and ideas - all of which Clare fell in love with when trying them on! It is truly such an honour to play this important role in helping bring your wedding dress dreams to life so thanks for stopping by Clare! 

"I felt comfortable, elegant and a little bit sexy in my gown. We came up with a skirt top combo that really flattered my body shape and suited my personality. I loved doing something a little bit different with a skirt and top combination, that was fun!"


Clare wrote this beautiful review of our store; "As soon as I found When Freddie Met Lilly I felt taken care of and catered for. Having a 4 month engagement we were all pushed for time but Stephanie and Vanessa ,who I worked with, were amazingly helpful and took very good care of me. I absolutely loved their studio and working with the staff. Everyone was helpful, supportive and genuinely excited! I had a great time with When Freddie Met Lilly." And finally, any tips for future brides choosing a gown that makes their day complete? "My tip would be hands down you have to do what YOU want! And also have fun with it! I made sure I could Irish jig in my gown." Congratulations James & Clare! Your day looked utterly amazing and perfect for you both. 


Cowbell Creek @cowbell_creek

Nicolette Bosch photography @nicolettebosch

Ellee Jay Floristry  @ellee_jay_floristry

Natasha Hogan MUA @natashahogan_mua

Bride @bigbearsy

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