WFML Real Bride: Heidi

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WFML Real Bride Heidi

All that matters is we found each other. Somehow, in the madness and the music – we stumbled across a love story. What has come before is not as important as what lies ahead. This is our happily ever after. (Heidi)

WFML Real Bride HeidiAfter being engaged for three years we finally tied the knot and the day was amazing. Our intention was to keep it simple and fun with minimal formalities. We didn’t have a theme, but given both of us are creatives – he’s a musician and I’m a writer/journalist – there were a lot of “music” related elements to our wedding and parts that were written by me.

One of our readings was a compilation of song lyrics, our cake toppers were a groom with a guitar and his “groupie” bride. Some of the photos were taken in a music store in Fortitude Valley and the wedding band was made up of the groom and his groomsmen, who are all musicians.

WFML Real Bride Heidi

Two of the bridesmaids were my teenage daughters and they had decided they wanted rose gold bridesmaid gowns before I had even picked the wedding dress. Essentially we found the dresses at WFML first and they were perfect, so it was a very easy decision to make – all of the bridesmaids agreed the dresses from WFML were stunning and the soft shimmer of the sequence gave them a hint of bling without being too overwhelming.

We had two groomsmen and a grooms “woman” – one of whom lives in Los Angeles and one in Adelaide, so finding suits across countries and sexes proved difficult. The groom decided he wanted a navy blue suit and we agreed the colour would complement the rose gold WFML dresses. He tried on several suits at Roger David and settled on a style for himself and the other two grooms men. The grooms woman was coming all the way from the US and being a model we knew she could pull off any look, so she was simply given a brief to wear a navy blue pants suit, which worked well next to the guys.

WFML Real Bride Heidi

We saw the WFML dresses on Instagram and knew they were perfect. We didn’t try on any other dresses. From the very first fitting everyone agreed the dresses were gorgeous.

The girls at WFML were professional, friendly and most of all calming – that champagne on arrival is a great idea! My biggest piece of advice to brides and bridesmaids is to choose a gown that you feel comfortable in, that you can move and dance in and are not struggling to walk in.

The WFML gowns were beautiful as well as comfortable and the girls danced the night away without feeling restricted or self-conscious. Weddings are a celebration of love, and a coming together of all the important people in your life to witness that love – it was important for Amiel and I that nothing about our wedding preparation, or the day itself, be stressful in any way.

WFML Real Bride Heidi

The reception was essentially one big party with a bunch of musician mates making up the band, games for the kids (giant jenga, giant noughts and crosses), a cocktail style reception with a food van and an open “self-serve” bar.

Our entire wedding was brought together through love and favours from friends –  the wedding photographer a former colleague, as was the videographer, the cars were driven by family members, the celebrant was my best friend and the wedding cake was made by a friend. WFML helped keep the stress to a minimum.




WFML Real Bride Heidi

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