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Highschool sweethearts, the truest of love stories. Dwayne and Katherine met at an underage high school party in 2008, and from there their future was set. Dwayne proposed last year in 2022 at Palm Cove. He wanted a dinner and Katherine wanted pizza and beer in the spa overlooking the ocean. She won and so Dwayne utilised the balcony at sunset to create the perfect proposal moment. Quick thinking Dwayne! 

Marriage to Katherine and Dwayne means “that a couple have chosen each other to be with forever - the good, the bad and to always choose each other.”

So much planning goes into a wedding, and it can be a stressful time. The most helpful piece of advice Katherine received during her planning process was to “Invest your money on the photographer and get a videographer. The day does go quick, and you want the memories to be captured well.” Katherine agreed with the advice given to her, but she was also aware that time is your friend! So don't rush it!

Katherine and Dwayne fell in love with the first venue they looked at, it fit their vibe perfectly. Dwayne’s family made the trip from Victoria and South Australia to be there on their special day. Katherine’s close family members attended as well as her siblings, which she cherishes deeply.

When searching for a gown Katherine found it so hard to begin with! One of her bridesmaids made the bookings and all Katherine knew is she wanted something that fit her personality. Katherine was almost ready to give up and then “we came across When Freddie Met Lilly and I found the ONE!” When Freddie Met Lilly, a bespoke bridal company located on the northside of Brisbane. Katherine’s friends and family all put in their advice and were honest during the whole process, which is what she wanted. She was gauging by their reaction too. Katherine’s mother-in-law also helped contribute which she found really touching. Katherine had only a small influence on her partners final suit, only giving him a colour theme and letting him lead the rest of the way, “the man has style when he wants to!”

The best part of Katherine’s bridal experience was bonding with the vendors and making friends along the way. The whole wedding was a bonding experience, her bridesmaids, her family, and her friends. The most important thing to Katherine on her big day was having fun! “We tried to alleviate all stress by being organised so we could kick back, relax, and enjoy! Splurging on a stylist really made the difference! No clean up, no set up to worry about!” Katherine and Dwayne played scissors, paper, rock to determine who read their vows first in the ceremony. “This was something we do on most decisions that are hard or when we don’t agree, and our guests thought it was hilarious that we included it.”















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