WFML Real Bride: Tiana & Samson VS. COVID-19

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Tiana & Samson VS. COVID-19

When Tiahna and Samson dreamt of their wedding day, they imagined that they’d be surrounded by their friends and family. However, COVID had different plans in mind for our real couple. With travel restrictions put in place for interstate and international travel, Samson’s entire family wouldn’t be able to attend since they all live in New Zealand, and his groomsmen lived in a different state.

Tempted to postpone their wedding so that more loved ones could attend, Tiahna and Samson did play with the thought of holding off their wedding until next year. However, they decided to go ahead with their big day regardless, as they planned to hold another celebration once restrictions reduce to celebrate with Samson’s family and friends. Also, they weren’t certain that COVID wouldn’t affect the new date, so after reducing the guestlist and planning the rest of their wedding details, it was time for the big day! The happy couple were ecstatic to finally have their wedding and enjoy their new life as a married couple.

Tying the knot

Tiahna and Samson shared that their big day progressed smoothly and resulted in a day that was full of love and joy. Our bride, Tiahna, said that the day went by so fast and she understands why brides always say, take the little moments and enjoy everything! Everything fell into place on their special day and the little things just didn’t matter.

The couple were a sight for sore eyes and looked like a match made in heaven. Reminiscing and looking back at photos, the suit and dress matched each other perfectly and looked like a dream together. When it came to Samson’s suit, he definitely had a say in what he wanted, but Tiahna shared because she worked at Connor, where they got the suit from, she had planned his suit for months before he even saw it.


With Tiahna’s mum finding her dream wedding dress at When Freddie Met Lilly, Tiahna’s search for her dream dress at WFML has always been in the books for her. She loved experiencing the dress searching process for herself, and she shared that Vanessa was so lovely because she remembered when her mum came in. She also shared that the girls at WFML were super sweet and answered questions superbly. The whole process was easy, and everything from start to finish was great, and she praised Vanessa and the girls highly!

As Tiahna was looking to create a bespoke gown, she tried around 10 dresses and combined bits and pieces from each to bring her dream dress to life. She was overjoyed with how her wedding dress turned out and said that the gown fit in all the right places and made her feel slim and beautiful. As a girl with a bigger chest area, it was difficult for her to pick a specific style, however, her dress felt comfortable the whole night.

For future brides, Tiahna’s tips for choosing the perfect gown include bringing one or two special people to get their honest thoughts and opinions and to try on different style of dresses, even if you don’t think it suits you!


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