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Finding each other in a modern encounter, Alyssa and Chris found love after discovering one another through Tinder. They were quick to learn the close proximity of their lives to each other and all the mutual connections, it was amazing they hadn’t met already.


The two were on a beautiful and romantic get away for their anniversary that Alyssa had planned, although Chris had a secret plan of his own! The two were sitting on the deck of their Airbnb peacefully reading with a cheese platter and music. This was going to be the moment where their forever began. Alyssa, unaware of any intentions Chris had, right before he could get down on one knee jumped up and started clearing the platter. Chris then prepared for the moment once again, cueing the right song he then got down on one knee and in this sweet moment, asked Alyssa to be his best friend for the rest of their lives. Of course, she said yes!


After revisiting Cedar Creek at Mt Tambourine, years after Alyssa had previously visited. The couple fell in love with the place, “It was so stunning and the most perfect location for our wedding”, nothing could compare to the perfect serenity of the rainforest. Thankfully COVID restrictions had calmed down and the couple was blessed to have majority of relatives come to celebrate this beautiful moment in their lives.

For Alyssa and Chris, marriage means taking each other on the best and worst of days. Sticking out the hard times and supporting each other through everything life throws. These two see a partnership and team between them, promising to support each other’s dreams and create a life full of love they can enjoy forever.


Wearing a bespoke Houston Gown, that Alyssa made hers by adding sleeves and a light-coloured underlay making her feel so magical and beautiful. She brought her bridesmaids and mum along with her to help choose a dress she truly loved. Her dress ended up being completely different to what she originally had in mind but she couldn’t imagine anything else so perfect. This dress just made sense, it was so her! While Alyssa was discovering her dream dress at When Freddie Met Lilly, she happened to come across the dream suit Chris had been searching for! A gorgeous forest green, the exact colour he loved and wanted for himself and groomsmen. The vision became a reality. Chris wore a made to measure When Freddie Met Lilly suit and everything was brought together beautifully on the day.


One of Alyssa’s favourite moments from her bridal experience was definitely dress shopping! Seeing all the different styles to choose from made her even more excited. The morning of their wedding Alyssa prepared for her special day relaxing with mum and close friends and said, “It felt so exciting getting all glammed up together”.

As a couple it was very important that Alyssa and Chris enjoyed themselves and spent time together because after all, it was going to be the best day ever. It was great having a long weekend at the venue with their guests so they could remember every moment, ending the night with all their close family and friends was a fantastic fun filled party.

The couple included small touches for the big day including writing their own vows which was so special, making personal promises made the ceremony feel more authentic. They had a close friend perform as the celebrant to keep the ceremony intimate and personal. Vanessa from WFML also contacted Alyssa for a surprise personal touch, embroidering the couples initials and wedding date on the inside of Chris’s suit.


During the planning process early on, they received helpful advice to make sure their vendors were locked in early and were so thankful for this tip. It was great for the couple to help them focus on enjoying the day, remembering all the little details between them as it really does go by so fast.


Alyssa shares her tips for future brides saying “Just have fun! I know it gets said heaps but it’s so true. It can be the most fun day for you and your partner but it can also be incredibly stressful if you let it. So try not to let the little things get to you, some things most likely won’t go to plan but that’s ok! As long as you and your partner are healthy and present, that’s all that matters! Enjoy the planning process and making all these beautiful new memories together. It’s a celebration of the two of you and your love!”


The beautiful Bride and Groom - Alyssa @lyssk95 & Chris @chirstopher94



Venue - Cedar Creek Lodges at Mt Tamborine


Photographer - @aislingbourkephotos 

Florals and Arbour - @articfox_events 

Hair and makeup - @blushdbrides

Cake - @bakeistrysocial

Celebrant - @caityhehir

Dream dress and suits - @whenfreddiemetlilly 

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