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The happy couple Claudia and Joel, also lovingly referred to as 'Cloel', have been together for 8 years. They got engaged in March 2020 in Canada, where they were currently living at the time. The wedding was planned for July 2021, however COVID restrictions meant that only 10-20 people could be dancing at a time. Claudia said, "we're a very dancy crowd, so that was just not an option", something that unfortunately many couples would be dealing with during the pandemic. Two weeks before the wedding, the couple made the tough decision to postpone the wedding by a year so that they can have the real celebration they are looking for with all their friends and family. Especially since Claudia's best friend lives in Perth and some of the bridal party are from Canada. However, couple really wanted to be married, so they quickly decided to elope on the original date of their wedding. This shows just how much they are in love and wanted to be married.
The wedding ended up just being the couple, their celebrant and their photographer, with the photographer and venue manager being their witnesses. Claudia said she was really happy with the day and that it turned out exactly how she wanted. 

"The perfect day for us"

After trying over 50 wedding dresses Claudia knew exactly what she wanted and it did not exist. She came up with the design of the dress herself and WFML made the bespoke dress reality for her. Claudia also convinced Joel to get his suit custom made with WFML as well, where the couple were able to choose the style, fabrics, buttons and much more.
Claudia said "we purposely designed our outfits to suit the venue, decor, decorations, colour scheme...everything was specifically created and styled by us to totally encompass our personalities". Their friends and family said it looked 100% like them and that they expected nothing less. Even though the customisation took longer, they were both really happy with the outcome.
The couple says "we didn't want a traditional wedding, we're all about the fun!". Claudia's mother made her beautiful pink veil and her sister and mother made the bouquet which used some left over tulle from the veil. The couple said they laughed all day whilst enjoying some cocktails. What more could you want on your wedding day? They hope to have a do-over/renewal of vows next year in July with all their favourite people. We wish the lovely couple all the all the best for the future and that they are able to have the celebration they want next year.

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