WFML Real Couple: Deb & Robert - Wedding Dress and Suit Design

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Gorgeous couple Deb and Robert tied the knot at their modern-Mexican style wedding with a twist! The day ran smoothly, with only a few hiccups along the way (that they're pretty sure no-one else noticed!) and everyone had a wonderful time - just how it should be! The majority of the planning was left to Deb's beautiful Mum and when combined with their fun theme, it was such a beautiful day. Succulents were used as flowers and there was lots and lots of dancing, creating a fun-loving vibe that reflected the Mexican culture.

For continuity with the theme, Deb knew she was after a bold, lacey, custom made dress and we were so honoured to be chosen to help create it. Robert and Deb chose Robert's suit together as they wanted the groom to match the dress and his father's suit. The result? A perfect, beautifully coloured suit that looked "so good"! Deb mentioned that she "felt like a movie star" when wearing her wedding gown. "

Everyone complimented me on it and said it was just right and suited me so well. I felt really confident and watching my husband's face as he first saw me was so special. I loved how it flowed and moved when I danced, it was just so special." What more could you possibly want? By getting her dress with us at WFML, there was so much Deb didn't even need to think about and we were able to host appointments on the weekend as to not need Deb to take time off work or change her schedule around.

It was a pleasure helping both Robert and Deb design and bring to life their dream wedding outfits. And finally, Deb's advice for brides choosing a gown? "Make sure it's comfortable and makes you feel good instead of stressing you out. Make sure you can sit and move in it, you don't want the dress holding you back!"

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