When Freddie Met Lilly Real Bride: Erica's Love Story

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In the digital realm of 'Plenty of Fish', love sparked between Erica and Brad in early December 2017. What began as online conversations blossomed into a journey of love and companionship, leading them to the most significant day of their lives. 
The proposal that sealed their fate was nothing short of magical. A day spent amidst the beauty of the Sunshine Coast hinterland culminated in a tearful declaration of love at a secluded lookout. With trembling hands and hearts full of emotion, Brad dropped to one knee, forever altering their destinies amidst nature's breathtaking backdrop. Their favourite pub, The Landsborough Pub, became the perfect setting to celebrate their newfound engagement. 
For Erica, marriage transcends mere vows; it signifies a lifetime of shared laughter, enduring support, and unwavering commitment. It's about weathering life's storms together and cherishing every moment spent with the one you love, your soulmate.
Selecting the ideal venue was paramount, and upon discovering the rustic charm of Sharla Park, they knew it was the perfect canvas for their dream wedding.
Though some loved ones could not be physically present, their spirits lingered, casting blessings upon the union of two souls deeply in love. 
The quest for the perfect gown unfolded as a tale of surprises and revelations. What Erica envisioned diverged from the exquisite lace-adorned dress that stole her heart.
In synchrony, Erica and Brad coordinated their attire, ensuring a vision of elegance and harmony on their special day. 
Erica embellished her bouquet with a charm containing a photograph of her beloved Poppy (Poppy’s girl) and a tender message that read, "Walk with me, Poppy."
The pinnacle of bridal shopping was reached at ‘When Freddie Met Lilly’, where Erica found not just a dress, but an experience imbued with warmth and support, making her journey to the altar all the more memorable. 
Amidst the grandeur of their wedding day, the essence of love and togetherness took center stage. Erica cherished sharing this moment with loved ones, a testament to the love shared between her and Brad.
Their celebration was adorned with personal touches, from Erica arriving in Brad's beloved blue race truck to custom denim jackets and cowboy hats, each detail a reflection of their unique love story.
Reflecting on their wedding planning journey, Erica shares sage advice for future brides, urging them to embrace every moment and communicate openly with their partners. 
Kerri's artistic flair transformed the venue into a vision of elegance, with artificial flowers adorning every corner, a testament to meticulous planning and attention to detail.
Artificial blooms, crafted with love by Debbie, adorned the bridal party, symbolising their eternal love and commitment. Each bouquet and boutonnière were a testament to their enduring bond, preserved for eternity. 
As they danced under the stars, surrounded by the love of family and friends, Erica and Brad embarked on a new chapter of their lives, bound together by love, laughter, and the promise of forever.

Wedding venue: Sharla Park country weddings
Makeup and hair: Backstage beauty
Photography: NSI Productions
Videography: Fiddle fig films
Cake: Pipe Dream Cakes
Bridesmaids dress and robes: Bridesmaids only
Pyjamas: Midnight Mischief
Flowers: Debbie’s bridal bouquets 
Content creator: Say I do social media
Rings: Selig Jewellers
Celebrant: Alanna Schulz: Aisle be there celebrancy 
DJ and Photo Booth: Allstar disc-Jockeys and Allstars Photo Booth
Catering: Catering by Clancy  
Transport: own cars, race truck and kinetic: Sunshine Coast Sunbus 
Lighting at reception: Brisbane event lighting


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