10 Things To Remember For Your Wedding Day (That You May Not Have Thought Of)

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The night (and day) before your wedding can be a nerve racking time; so instead of putting that entry towards worrying, here are some things to do on and before your wedding day to give you peace of mind and calm yourself for your big day. 


  1. Confirm with your vendors

Make sure all of your vendors and locked in and prepared for your big day so as to help avoid any confusion, or 


2. Pack a survival kit

Put together a small bag of must-have items incase anyone requires them; band-aids,
Panadol, safety pins, hair ties & pins etc.


3. Grab some flats

You will be spending a lot of time on your feet throughout the day. After your ceremony 

wearing your ensemble, have some flats or comfortable shoes on hand to change into.


4. Write a love letter to your partner

Something short and sweet. To remind each other of all the love and care you have for each other and who will be waiting for you to spend the rest of your life with.


5. Double-check your vows

If you’ve written your own vows or are going to make a speech, make sure you fit in time for a final rehearsal before the big day. Saying the words out loud will make them feel more familiar and will help relax you when it comes time to deliver them.


6. Stay hydrated

As the day and lead up to it can be stressful and distracting, make sure you keep a bottle or glass of water nearby to keep you from getting dehydrated (especially in the summer months).


7. Get a good night’s sleep

Try your best to get a good night’s sleep to help you feel and look fresh for your big day.


8. Final packing

Put any suitcases, bags etc. out and ready to go for when you head to the ceremony or reception. 


9. Remember to say thank you

This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to say thank you with everything else going on on your big day. There are a lot of distractions but remembering to say thank you in advance to the people you care about and who have helped you through this adventure.


10. Don’t sweat the small stuff

This is your big day and it will go much quicker than you think. Don’t stress over the small stuff but rather enjoy and remember the love and support and the day itself! As it is the fairytale beginning to the rest of you and your significant others lives together!


Best of luck for your big days lovelies and I hope at least one of these things helped you be more relaxed and your day a little less stressful!

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