WFML Real Bride & Groom: Tamara & Matt

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Another year past and so many wedding day - Covid-19 stories still to tell. Our beautiful Real Bride Tamara and Groom Matt had originally planned a big wedding on the Sunshine Coast in July 2020; they had bought all of their styling pieces, chosen the chapel, ordered their stunning flower wall for photographs. However, due to the pandemic they had to put a hold on their July wedding. Also, unfortunately as so many other occasions, due to the risks, border closures and quarantine they ended up missing about 20 loved ones but made sure they had FaceTime on for those watching from afar. As an ingenious work around of restrictions the lovely couple came up with a “3 Act Play” series of celebrations to help see everyone over the weekend. 


As for the dress… Tamara shares “I was never a girl who grew up imagining what her wedding dress would look like and so when the time came to think about it I felt overwhelmed. In fact I booked an appointment at a bridal store that stocked lots of brands and just walked out of the change room each time with a look to my sisters who knew it meant “get me out of here!” I saw one of my sisters George whisper to my other sister Prue who then popped aside to make a phone call. Upon finishing the appointment completely empty handed and more confused Georgia said to me “we are going to the wonderful place where I got my wedding dress from.””

As soon as Tammy walked in Vanessa remembered them all from when they joined my sister three years prior. After looking up a few WFML styles online on the way over, within minutes Vanessa brought out a dress that immediately intrigued Tammy, admittedly a little confused, but Vanessa promised she had an idea. The surprise dress was a GREEN formal gown but Vanessa assured the abilities of When Freddie Met Lilly to customise it into the chosen ivory colour. Coupling the bespoke dress with beaded headpieces added to the sleeves to add some bling! Tammy shares “I went from having absolutely no idea where to begin to having a completely bespoke gown in a matter of a couple of hours. Vanessa and her team made it happen and did so in a way that helped me envision not only my dress but what it might feel like on my actual wedding day.”


After having such a wonderful experience, Our Real Groom Matt started asking if When Freddie Met Lilly did suits too! Quickly booking a personalised appointment to see Vanessa the very next week. Together they spent quality time selecting materials, style, buttons and bow ties to complement Tamara’s beautiful gown. Having Vanessa know her gown also helped in guiding Matt though his choices as well. 


Tamara’s advice for future brides is, “Don’t walk, run to WFML because no matter your size, shape or lack of vision (like me) Vanessa and the team will be able to create a dress that is perfect for you. Be open to styles you didn’t think of and if she puts you in a dress that’s bright green, run with it. I promise she has a vision that you just may not be able to see yet.”


And we wouldn’t want to leave out the Groom’s favourite part of the suiting experience; what he enjoyed most about picking his suit was that even though he wished he could have picked a checkered green he knew navy was the way to go for our wedding. What he loved was the option to choose a “wild” design for the inside and that he did. A scull and cross bones was his style all over.




All of us here at When Freddie Met Lilly are so pleased and honoured to have helped you create your perfect gown and suit for your beautiful day, you both looked absolutely stunning!




Photographer: George Bowden 



Makeup: Backstage Beauty


Musician: William Brighton



Flower wall: Luxe Designs and Events 



Reception Venue: Cock and Hen 


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