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Back in high school, Amy and Ryan first crossed paths. Life took them on different journeys, but destiny had other plans. In 2016, they unexpectedly reunited at Amy cousin's wedding. It was like a magical moment, and they both felt an undeniable connection. From that day forward, they knew they were destined to be together. Love truly works in mysterious ways, doesn't it?

When they first started dating, Ryan lived in Perth, while Amy was on the Gold Coast. One special weekend, Ryan flew back to visit Amy and took her to Siromet Winery for a lovely lunch. Little did Amy know that this place held an even more significant meaning for their future. Almost five years later, Ryan brought Amy back to that very spot to propose. It was a moment filled with surprise and joy, as Amy had playfully mentioned before leaving the house that he should make sure he had the engagement ring. To her astonishment, Ryan replied, "Don't worry, it's in my pocket." And guess what? He actually had the ring with him all along! It was a truly magical and unforgettable moment for both of them.

To Amy and Ryan ,marriage means a beautiful bond that shares love. It's about having a partner who helps you become the best version of yourself. They've seen each other at their highest highs and lowest lows, yet their love remains unwavering. It's about trust, unconditional support, and growing together. Amy and Ryan embody the true meaning of marriage, and their love story is a testament to the power of this sacred commitment.

Finding their dream venue journey was such an incredible adventure, It all began when Amy and Ryan were exploring different venues in the area. By sheer chance, they stumbled upon a sign that led them to the Acre. Intrigued, they decided to look it up online and were instantly captivated by what they saw. The Acre had everything they had envisioned for their special day, from its beautiful setting to the convenience of having everything in one place. It was like a dream come true! They knew right then and there that they had found the perfect venue to bring their wedding vision to life. Styling at Amy and Ryan venue was absolutely breathtaking! They shared their colors and showed Tanya from Sugared Style some pictures of the vibe they were going for, and she truly worked her magic. The result was beyond their wildest dreams! The venue had a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, with an abundance of candles creating a warm glow. And the flowers were absolutely stunning! They were the most beautiful flowers Tanya really nailed it, and they couldn't have been happier with how everything looked. It was truly a sight to behold!

Amy and Ryan were lucky to have their family nearby, so they were all able to attend the wedding. But you know what made it even more special? Some amazing friends flew all the way from Perth with their families to be there for the days leading up to the wedding and the big day itself. It was such a heartwarming gesture that made the celebration even more memorable. Finding her dream gown was such an exciting and special part of wedding planning, Amy had a clear idea of the style she wanted and knew she didn't want a traditional white gown. She searched online and came across some beautiful dresses, but they were either from overseas or out of her budget. Then, while scrolling through Instagram, she saw a post with the hashtag When Freddie met Lilly. The name of the store caught her eyes , and when she explored their collection online, she instantly knew she had found the place to buy her dream dress. At her first fitting, she tried on a few gowns, but she always went back to her first choice. It was love at first sight, and she never changed her mind. Amy found the perfect gown that truly reflected her style and made her feel absolutely stunning on her special day.

Amy experience at When Freddie met Lilly was absolutely fantastic! The ladies there were so incredible and had everything prepared before she even arrived. They were incredibly patient and gave her some really helpful advice on alterations and changes that could be made. She felt completely in control throughout the whole process and could ask all of silly questions without feeling judged. It was such a wonderful experience.

One of the best parts of Amy ‘s bridal shopping experience was how easy and stress-free it all felt. It was like going to your friend's house to play dress up! The team at the boutique was incredibly accommodating and made sure she felt comfortable throughout the process. They took their time and really cared about finding the perfect dress that had everything she wanted. It was such a fun and memorable experience for her. Amy’s bridal shopping journey was filled with joy, excitement, and lots of love.
When it came to choosing Ryan's attire for the big day, Amy had a say in it too. Ryan had always known that he didn't want to wear a full suit. They both wanted their wedding to be fun and not too formal, so Ryan opted for chinos and a linen jacket. But here's the fun part - Amy influenced the pink shirt he wore! It matched perfectly with the light pink tulle lining of her dress. It's those little details that make everything come together so beautifully, don't you think? Amy and Ryan's wedding was truly a reflection of their unique style and love for each other. Wearing her dreamy Halo gown, Amy walked down the aisle feeling like an absolute queen! Her confidence radiated as she took each step, capturing everyone's attention. It was a moment of pure magic and elegance!

When it came to styling their big day, they opted for a simple and elegant look. The main color theme for the bridal party was a combination of greens, pinks, and cream colors. They didn't have a set color theme until the last minute, but they wanted everyone to feel comfortable and look their best. Amy’s daughter got to pick her own dress style and color, ensuring she felt comfortable wearing it all day. As for Amy ‘s maid of honor, she actually found her dress just two days before the wedding, as she had recently had a baby. The boys wore the same pants but had different colored shirts. It was important to us that everyone felt comfortable and confident on our special day, including ourselves!
The floral bouquets were also stunning, with beautiful pinks, cream colors, and lush greenery. It was like a fairytale dream come true! And the bridesmaids had bouquets with the same colors, just on a smaller scale. It created this amazing coordinated look for the whole bridal party. Now, let's talk about the boys. They totally rocked boutonnieres! Each one had a different flower but followed the same color scheme. It was such a cool touch, adding some extra style to their outfits.

On the big day of Amy and Ryan, the most important thing for them was to be able to relax and spend quality time with each other and their loved ones. They wanted to cherish every moment and create beautiful memories that would last a lifetime. It was such a joyous and heartwarming celebration, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The love and happiness they felt on that day truly made it the most special and unforgettable occasion.
On their big day, her partner and Amy also had a special touch. They wrote each other small letters to read just before they left for the ceremony. It was such a heartfelt moment, filled with love and anticipation. Taking that time to express their feelings and share their excitement added an extra layer of meaning to the day. Those letters were filled with beautiful words and emotions. It's those little gestures that make the day even more special and memorable.

The most helpful advice Amy and Ryan received during their planning process was to simply do what they wanted to do in their own unique way and not stress over the little details. It's so important to stay true to yourselves and create a wedding that reflects your personalities and desires. By focusing on what truly mattered to them, they were able to enjoy the journey and have a wedding day that was authentically them. So, don't sweat the small stuff and embrace the freedom to plan your day exactly as you envision it! Listen up future brides Amy has some precious advices for you! She said to soak up every little moment and not let the small stuff stress you out. It’s your big day. Enjoy every moment with your partner and make unforgettable memories. Cherish the love and joy surrounding you. It's time to shine! This journey is all about enjoying yourself and creating beautiful memories. Remember to embrace the experience and make it truly special. You deserve to have the time of your life, so go ahead and make it happen.

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