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Located in the beautiful Caboolture country, our When Freddie Met Lilly gowns looked absolutely magical among the rich wilderness. The lovely Bonnie Rebecca teamed up with Husk and Vine to create the most divine styled shoot to date. Find out how their vision became a reality.


While the team were working on an earlier shoot, they stumbled across 3 beautiful horses on a stunning private country property and instantly fell in love. The owner of the horses graciously opened up her land to the team, which allowed them to capture the full extent of the incredible acreage. With the location secured, they couldn’t go past When Freddie Met Lilly. After previously working with WFML, Bonnie immediately knew that she wanted to incorporate our breathtaking designs once again, and Bel from Husk and Vine ultimately decided a country bridal shoot was perfect. 


With a rustic, country style in mind, the team was so lucky to come across such a wonderful host. Graceful horses and the cutest pooch joined the couple during the shoot, which brightened moods and kept smiles on faces! 

They decided to take a less traditional angle for the shoot, with a darker eye and lip make up choice. With two variations of stunning blooms, Husk and Vine created a soft white bouquet and headpiece and a contrasting deeper and more colourful piece to tie in the style and cater for all brides. 


After a couple of shots, along came the property owner's dog, who eventually stole the show! At first it was a spur of the moment to include the pooch in the pictures, but it turned out to be way too much fun and she was such a poser! The property owner even incorporated the lovely pup into her own wedding!


The team loves how WFML provides so many size inclusive designs and such diverse pieces. No matter what shoot concept they are working with, they are certain that WFML will have the perfect gown for the occasion. After seeing the new Georgia Collection, they instantly fell in love and they were so grateful to be able to create some magic before the launch date. 


Florals and headpieces @huskandvine

Photography @tanyamarriottphotography 

Hair and Makeup @madisonvisser_

Male model @alex.kramer16

Female model @bonnierebecca

Property and horses @katie_gorell

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