10 Things to Do After Your Wedding

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After all the planning that goes into your wedding, many couples often forget about the few tasks that need to be done in the days following the celebration. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things to do after your wedding! 


1. Send a thank you note to your guests

To show your appreciation for all those who came from near and far to help celebrate your big day, a personalised thank you note goes a long way! 

2. Complete the payment to all your vendors

The hustle and bustle of the days leading up to and during your wedding day can be crazy! So, once the day is done, follow up with your vendors and make sure they have all been paid - even send them a little tip if you appreciated their work on the day.

3. Have your gown dry-cleaned

To help preserve your wedding gown, have it dry-cleaned straight after your wedding so it can be put away properly to treasure for years to come.

4. Freeze the remainder of your wedding cake

Freeze whatever is left of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary as a memento of the year gone by. 

5. Leave positive reviews on google or social media for your vendors

Share your experiences to assist other couples planning their wedding by leaving a great review for your vendors on their google pages or social media. 

6. Create a dropbox file to send to your guests, asking them to share any personal photos they took on the day

Sometimes the best photos are the candid ones taken in the spur of the moment! Enjoy seeing the wedding from your guests perspective by asking them to upload any photos they took to a communal dropbox. 

7. Change your marital status

Something seemingly simple that often slips your mind! Follow up with your work colleagues or official accounts and change your marital status so it is all done.

8. Get your favourite professional photos printed 

Print out a handful of your favourite wedding photos to ensure you have a physical copy as a keepsake. Even make an album to show family and friends. 

9. Repurpose your wedding bouquet 

Try a DIY to dry your wedding bouquet as a memory of the day that was. Hit up Pinterest for lots of great ideas!

10. Write down some of your favourite memories from the day

The day comes and goes so fast so try writing down some of your favourite little moments from the wedding as a memento to read back on for years. 

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Check out some of our WFML real brides! 

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