WFML REAL BRIDE: Leah and Matt's Big Day During COVID-19

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Leah and Matt decided to tie the knot on a beautiful spring day in September in at the scenic Branell Homestead in the Lockyer Valley, despite many COVID-19 hurdles. 

Thanks COVID...

Leading up to their big day, Leah and Matt jumped through a few hoops to say the least. After postponing, changing the date once or twice, performing their legal signing back in March and welcoming a beautiful bub along the way, their wedding day dreams coming true during COVID-19 in September couldn’t be sweeter!

When restrictions were down to five people per wedding in March, Leah and Matt didn’t know if they would get the chance to marry with their friends and family alongside them. Without saying their vows or with any loved ones present, they signed away their love to make it official. But when they saw a window open up in September, they jumped at the opportunity. Finally having the chance to declare their love in front of their nearest and dearest after so many hurdles, it ultimately made it so much more special. 

Their Big Day...

On the day, numbers were cut from 96 to 52 and unfortunately a couple of members of the bridal party were unable to be there due to national and international border closures. To also be on the safe side, their vulnerable and elderly family chose to stay at home and be there in spirit. There was also no dancing allowed, which put a slight dampener on the evening. However, despite all the complications, they still experienced a magical night, with those who were unable to make it, tuning in via a massive zoom call!

Everything came together in the end, with help from their wonderful friends and family to create their beautiful day. With a few touch and go moments sitting by the television, clinging to every word spoken during the daily press conferences, their chance at a bit of normalcy and celebration was enjoyed by all!

The Dress...

With the gown, Leah decided to change it up a little after they welcomed their beautiful boy, Patrick. After originally envisioning a very figure hugging, romantic, When Freddie Met Lilly gown on her wedding day, she wanted to go for a more comfortable, relaxed style, after bub. During Leah’s wedding dress journey, she tried on at least 20 options, finishing with something completely different than she originally thought!

Falling in love with the idea of a two piece gown, our DONNA SKIRT looked just perfect with her When Freddie Met Lilly bespoke bodice, creating a soft and elegant look, but also extremely comfortable and forgiving. On her big day, Leah says that she felt like herself, just in a bride version. She recounts, “I could run around, dance and pick my son up, no worries, but felt like a real bride.” With free rein on his suiting, Matt also tied in the look, with navy checks and a country feel

When it came to crafting her dream dress, the When Freddie Met Lilly team listened to all of Leah’s concerns, big or small. Leah decided upon a completely bespoke look, which came with lots of questions and chopping and changing. The team just wanted her to feel amazing on the day, so they were very patient and easy going, which Leah couldn’t be more appreciative of!

Final Thoughts…

Leah says that choosing something that she felt like herself in was so important. She recommends to keep an open mind when searching for your dress, you may end up falling in love with something completely different! 

Her experience with a wedding in COVID times definitely gave her a headache and was quite stressful. However, the fact that she finally came together with her love and loved ones to share such a beautiful milestone made her so happy. She felt so much more grateful for the day, due to the times we are in. And what a story it will be!  


Dress - WFML @whenfreddiemetlilly

Makeup - Brush'd Brides @brushdbrides 

Photography - Benjamin Prindable Photography @benjaminprindablephotography  

Venue - Branell Homestead @branellhomestead 

Catering - Abbiocco @abbioccostreetfood 

Wedding Signage - Chalk Talk Events @chalktalksignsandevents 

And the beautiful bride, Leah - @leah_beaj

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