Seven ways to have a safe and socially distanced celebration

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The phrase 'social distancing' is relatively new to our vocabularies, but we now hear it almost every day thanks to Covid. Planning a wedding looks different for the foreseeable future, with additional consideration being paid to the health of attendees. A socially distanced celebration is absolutely possible, even if you need to think outside the box.

Here's how to see your dream day come to life whilst ensuring your guests are comfortable and your wedding is as safe as possible. 


1. Get creative with your seating plans

Who said you need standard rows of benches at a wedding? Keep groups separate by exploring your options and considering ottomans or island lounges, seating each person with the people they live with or spend time with outside of the wedding. Face whichever seating option you choose to the centre and get creative with it.

2. Step outside

Nothing is more spacious than the great outdoors. Spreading guests out is much easier with the roominess of a country property, mountain hideaway or beach sanctuary. Social distancing has never looked so good!

Have a look at our outdoor wedding ideas for more. 

3. Phone a friend

With travel restrictions in place, there will likely be some guests unable to attend in person. There a plenty of platforms quite literally at your fingertips, including Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Zoom. Set up laptops, web cams or phones at different angles and stream the ceremony or reception directly to the homes of your nearest and dearest.

Send virtual guests a gift to enjoy on the day, whether it's a cocktail kit or a sweet treat so everyone is included. 

4. Scale down

Itching to tie the knot and can't wait for the uncertainty to end? Scale back the guest list and have a micro-wedding. A micro-wedding is an intimate gathering, with few guests and typical traditions on a smaller scale.

The magic of micro-weddings is that you can use venues that are usually inaccessible to large weddings - look at cafes, restaurants, local bars or galleries. Save on decor and equipment and use a space already available to smaller groups.

5. Garden gatherings

Where better to get married than on the doorstep of your childhood home, or at a gorgeous property belonging to a close friend? Head out to the backyard and consider what you can do with a couple of chairs and an intimate celebration. Between the outdoors and inside facilities, social distancing comes easy at a small garden gathering.

6. Take a seat

To limit the number of bodies mingling in one space, keep everyone seated and consider the reasons they would need to get out of their chairs. Hire servers to wait on each table or booth, and consider pre-packaging beverages for quick and easy access. Staying seated reduces the long lines at the bar and ensures everyone gets the canapé they've had their eye on. It also makes it much easier to chat to every guest, as you're not frantically running around to meet and greet every attendee.

7. Additional measures

To make sure everyone is feeling covid safe, you can even offer temperature checks upon entry and masks for those who would prefer to be extra cautious. Have hand sanitiser available wherever possible, and be sure to get the contact details of all staff and attendees. Keep an eye on the current situation and communicate clearly with everyone involved as to what the expectations are. It is always better safe than sorry, so no measure is too much.

Despite what 2020 has had to offer, love doesn't stop. The new normal calls for some creativity when celebrating marriage, but with these tips in your tool belt you are well-equipped to organise a day to remember.

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