Hosting a wedding during COvid! Top 5 ways to encourage Social Distancing on your big day.

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With the new way of the world and the implementation of heightened safety standards, we've compiled a great list of the top 5 ways to encourage social distancing on your wedding day! 


1. Go for a smaller, more intimate wedding with an outdoor ceremony and reception!

Get creative with your seating plan! Hosting the big day outside allows for a more spacious layout to ensure guests feel comfortable being with a larger group of people. 


2. Hand out personalised hand sanitisers as a wedding favour!

A cute idea to encourage guests to keep their hands clean! Maybe even match your personalisation to your wedding invites for a luxe feel. This is super easy and cheap to DIY too - simply order some hand sanitiser from your local supermarket and design some stickers on Vistaprint and voila! 


3. Get the band to perform a seated concert for your guests!

Rather than encouraging everyone to get up and hit the dance floor, choose a band that plays gentle and relaxing tunes for guests to listen to while seated at their table. 

4. Hire an outdoor bar and encourage guests to take turns in grabbing a drink! 

By setting up a bar in the open, guests can see when the bar is busy to avoid crowding and limit contact. The Tipsy Mare is a great option as the bartender can keep a safe distance by being inside the float! 

5. Use a hashtag on Instagram to create a virtual guest book! 

Instead of risking all the guests crowing and sharing communal pens to fill out a guest book, create a personalised wedding hashtag and encourage guests to post a photo and message on Instagram. That way, you can look back over the hashtag and relive the big day through the eyes of your guests! 

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