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When Freddie Met Lilly’s stunning real couple, Georgia and Brenton, got married at Kanimbia homestead on the August of this memorable year! Their big day was always in the books for these two as they shared that they’d always planned on eloping. For Georgia and Brenton, the idea of a big wedding never felt right for them, so there was no doubt in their mind that their special day would be small and intimate. This means that COVID’s restrictions didn’t play any minor changes to their day. However, COVID did challenge the couple and their big day in other major ways. 

As cases began to climb and restrictions such as international travel bans were put into place, the couple altered their wedding location from eloping in Tuscany, to a beautiful venue in the hinterlands of Sunshine Coast; surrounded by the lush and rustic wilderness that Queensland offers. Although the Georgia and Brenton considered waiting for COVID-19 to blow over, they knew the possibility of international travel, especially to Italy, would be possible in 2021 so besides the location change, almost every other detail was kept the same and they couldn’t wait to be married.

Despite the location change, WFML’s real couple, Georgia and Brenton shared their day was filled with loads and loads of love and joy, surrounded by their loved ones.

Here at When Freddie Met Lilly, we were ecstatic that we were able to help our lovely real couple find a suit that would compliment our bride’s gown. The stunning bride, Georgia is a jewellery designer, and settled on a garnet and an emerald pendant from a huge bag of jewels that she brought along on her wedding day. Both of the pendants were set in yellow gold that matched perfectly with her engagement and wedding rings. With such a great eye for design and style, it makes sense that her newly wedded husband also has a fantastic taste in style! Georgia shared that, “it felt most natural for us to choose together collaboratively both with my dress and his suit. Both chosen outfits felt so natural and comfortable on the day.” Not only did the suit and gown compliment each other perfectly, but also flatters the rustic nature of the Sunshine Coast hinterlands.


The couple also shared that their experience with Vanessa and the rest of the team at WFML was amazing. From the studio’s design and atmosphere of the big windows and natural sunlight, to Coco, the adorable resident dachshund that brightens up everyone’s day; the overall experience was seamless and Vanessa ensured that the couple were content every step of the way.

From her personal experience, Georgia let us in on some advice that she would give to others who are preparing for their wedding day. She emphasizes to be yourself with your choices and to bring people that love you and make you feel happy to dress fittings! Pick a dress YOU would wear and  gives you a happy feeling filled with lots of love. Don’t be afraid to go non-traditional and make sure that you feel comfortable.

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