Racheal & Edward Real Wedding Story

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Rachael and Edward, two incredible teachers, crossed paths at the start of their teaching careers. Little did they know, their paths were about to intertwine in the most beautiful way possible. It was a morning like any other, as they sat in bed together, sipping their morning tea. But little did Rachael know, Edward had a surprise up his sleeve. Fresh from her trip, he lovingly prepared the tea and, as he brought it up, he gracefully dropped down to one knee. In that moment, time stood still as he asked Rachael to be his forever. It was a perfect proposal, filled with love and warmth. Their journey towards marriage had begun. Love truly has a way of making life's simplest moments extraordinary.

To Rachael and Edward, marriage means embarking on a lifelong journey as a united team, supporting each other through all of life's ups and downs. It's about standing by each other's side, no matter what challenges come their way. Together, they are ready to face the highs and lows, hand in hand, and create a beautiful life filled with love, understanding, and unwavering support. It's a commitment to doing life together, as a team, and cherishing each moment along the way.

Finding the perfect venue is such an exciting part of wedding planning. After Edward's heartfelt proposal, Rachael and Edward wasted no time in diving headfirst into wedding preparations. And they started with venue. They searched high and low for the ideal location, and when they stumbled upon Hillstone St Lucia, they knew it was the one. The team at Hillstone was absolutely incredible, and the Rosewood room was effortlessly beautiful. They could envision their dream wedding as they saw it set up for another couple's big day. And when they stepped into the Courtyard Garden, it took their breath away. The lush greenery of the hedges framed the space perfectly, creating a magical ambiance. It was a venue that truly captured their hearts.
On her wedding, Rachael's family was there to support her every step of the way. Her Nonna, mum, and sister played a significant role in getting her into her dress, and they even gave her a family brooch to wear for the day. It was such a heartfelt and meaningful gesture that added an extra touch of love and tradition to the wedding. Family truly makes every moment even more special!
Finding her dream gown was exhilarating and filled with anticipation. Rachael always had this vision of herself in a boat neck, long-sleeved gown. But when she tried on the dress she ultimately chose, it was a total surprise. It looked nothing like what she had imagined! At first, she was a bit unsure, but then something magical happened. As she stood there in that dress, she felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and excitement. It was as if this gown was made just for her, even though it was different from her original idea. Rachael realized that while she loved the gown that matched her vision, this new dress made her feel absolutely radiant and ready to walk down the aisle with Edward. And that's what truly matters, right? Celebrating their love surrounded by their loved ones in a gown that makes Rachael feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.
Rachael's dress shopping experience was made even more incredible by Vanessa! Vanessa was there every step of the way, offering amazing support and ideas. When Rachael couldn't decide between two dresses, Vanessa and Laura came to the rescue with some fantastic options for dress style adjustments. It was like having her own personal dream team of fashion experts! With their help, Rachael found the perfect gown that truly captured her unique style. Having a supportive designer like Vanessa made all the difference in creating a memorable and magical dress shopping experience. Rachael's experience at WFML was absolutely amazing! She had a lovely time and the support, tips, and tricks she received from the WFML team made each step of the wedding planning process so easy. It's incredible how having the right guidance can make such a difference. If you're looking for a stress-free and enjoyable wedding planning experience, WFML might be the perfect place for you too! They'll make sure you have all the support you need. On her big day, she had a beautiful W embroidered on her veil. You know why? Because she was planning to change her last name to her partner Edward's. How sweet is that? It was a special way for her to embrace their new life together as a married couple.
On their big day, they went with black suits and dresses, and their colorful flowers, arranged by the amazing florist Zoe, brought everything to life. It was a stunning combination that made their wedding look absolutely incredible. Rachael and Edward highly recommend Zoe for her fantastic work.
One of the most important thing to Edward and Rachael on the big day was getting married! They wanted to be surrounded by their loved ones and be able to celebrate with them all. They knew that as long as they were married, everything else would fall into place. And it did, thanks to the incredible vendors they chose. From the flowers to the music, every detail came together seamlessly, creating a day filled with love, joy, and cherished memories.
The best advice Rachael and Edward received for their wedding is all about inviting the people who truly matter and are important to both of them. They wanted to celebrate their relationship with the people they both knew well and who held a special place in their hearts. It's so true that having the right people there can make your wedding day even more meaningful and memorable.
They had the amazing mindset of making sure all their guests had an absolute blast. They thought about what would bring the most joy to the greatest number of people. From the planning process to the big day itself, they kept their guests in mind. It's a beautiful reminder to consider the experiences of your loved ones when planning your own wedding. So, future brides, remember to think about what will make your guests happy while staying true to yourselves as a couple.
Rachel has some amazing tips for you future brides! First, make sure to communicate clearly with your photographer about the specific photos you want, like those with your best girlfriends. Don't assume they'll happen later; be proactive and let them know your preferences. And most importantly, don't be too hard on yourself if your emotions don't match what you see in movies or others' reactions. Everyone responds differently, and that's totally okay. And don't forget, finding or having your dress made can take longer than expected, so start early. Take these tips to heart and make your wedding day unforgettable! Be kind to yourself and embrace your unique experience on your special day!

Photographer: @katerobinson.co
Venue: @hillstonestlucia
Bride'S Gown: @whenfreddiemetlilly
Bride'S Shoes: @loefflerrandall
Florist: @bumble_bloom
Celebrant: @angebceremonies
Hair: @jaalahaircreative
Makeup: @ru_makeup
Earrings: @mejuri
Cake: @petitecrumb
Groom'S Suit: @mjbale
Groom & Groomsmen'S Tie: @peterjacksonau
Groomsmen'S Suit: @peterjacksonau
Dj: @red_seven_group_entertainment
Candles: @propitpretty

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