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Alix and her husband Jarrod’s wedding preparations began with some problems. Like most Covid weddings, the looming threat of lockdowns and border closures meant Alix’s extended family and missed their ceremony but were able to attend via zoom. Originally planning for a beach wedding, with an outdoor venue and food trucks, their worries of having to postpone were quickly becoming a reality as the Covid situation worsened. However, the couple decided to move their wedding to the Powerhouse, making it closer to home and with an all inclusive package, making it the easiest option. 

 The couple both agreed that we would elope if we had to postpone and then do a reception style party when things settled down. Thankfully we never had to do that though. But, it was definitely a consideration and we had to have a plan B. 

 Even with the struggles these two faced and the few small hiccups throughout the day, everything was amazing! Our amazing vendors were all to thank for that!. 

When it came to the gown, Alix’s experience was nothing less than incredible. I originally didn’t want a white gown! I was so set on the When Freddie Met Lilly Heavenly gown, which I was convinced was going to be ‘the’ dress! When I attended my first appointment at WFML and tried on the Heavenly gown, I was in love, but undecided as it was the first dress I tried on. The lovely sales assistant suggested I try on a dress that she picked out which was the Georgina gown. As I walked out in the gown, my bridesmaid all agreed that it was THE dress! I looked in the mirror and couldn’t agree more! Alix and her friends wanted to be sure about the dress and attended 2 other appointments at other stores. She knew the gown at WFML was the one she truly wanted “and raced back before they closed and bought the dress that day!.          

When it came to fittings and alterations the staff at the studio were so welcoming and the store itself was beautifully set out and private! The girls allowed me plenty of time to take in the dresses and explained how they could be altered and the dress making process. 

The dress made me feel so confident and even more excited to show off to my husband!. I am so bad at keeping secrets so it was a total relief to finally show him why I was so in love with my dress. I’m not one who usually likes a lot of attention, but in that dress, I was able to stand in front of 80 people and feel so confident!. 

When finding a suit for Jarrod it was important for him to feel comfortable. Him being a low key person made choosing a simple pair of pants and a white button down, the perfect choice. 

All in all, Alix and Jarrod’s day was perfect for them. Her advice to other brides is look early! You have no idea how long it takes to make the beautiful gown. Ideally, give yourself plenty of time (more than 6 months). It’s a big decision and you don’t want to be rushed.

Thank you for letting us be a part of our magical day! We are so happy for the both of you and wish you all the best!

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