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Jessica and Luke were tempted to put their wedding off multiple times due to the disruption of Covid 19. Leading up to the date was extremely stressful Jessica. She had no time to think about normal things like 'Will my dress be perfect?' 'What if the flower arrangements are wrong?' It was all about Covid-19 and if their special day was even going to happen. 

However, through all the backup plans and stress, they were very lucky to have the wedding date that they desired!

 Several family members in Melbourne were unable to attend due to VIC lockdown and travel restrictions. Although, thanks to WhatsApp's video call, their Nan and Pop were able to witness the ceremony.

Despite the stress before the wedding and some family members not being able to attend, the day was perfect. Better than they could have hoped for. Everything came together like a fairy-tale and all vendors involved did an amazing job that Jessica and Luke could never thank them enough for.


We asked Jessica about her experience in finding her dream wedding dress. She said that her ideal style was very vague. So, when Jessica was at WFML she and the team chose a few different styles to gauge an exact idea of the style she wanted.

Jessica tried around 4 or 5 dresses before finding her final wedding dress. She tried on a few after just to be sure but came straight back to her final gown. She felt comfortable in it, and it had the perfect amount of sex appeal and classiness that suited her perfectly. 

​Jessica said she had never felt more beautiful than she did on my wedding day. She did look so stunning! The dress was made to her perfect measurements and fits like a glove, a comfy glove on the day. The vale extended the glamour and partnered with the dress as nothing else could. Jessica said she would live in that moment forever if she could.

For her partner ​Luke, he wanted something different, he wanted to stand out. He picked what he wanted, and Jessica supported him the full way. She described her husband as a ‘handsome stud of a man with his attractive quirks and the red velvet jacket he selected was a match!’. She also mentioned that his suit not only complimented her gown, but it fits perfectly with their venue and theme of the day.

We also asked Jessica about her experience with the girls at When Freddie met Lilly. She replied, “the girls at WFML were amazing! They helped me find a dress that complimented my body and were open to making any changes I needed to make it my dress. I could recommend them higher”. It was such a pleasure to work with Jessica.

Jessica’s tip for future brides is to trust yourself and what you think is perfect for your wedding day. Once you have a dress you love, stop there! You're only going to stress yourself out and give yourself more to do continuing to look "just in case".



Bride - mrsbillington

Venue - @mobilebarbershop​_depot

Photographer - @Lauren_joy_photography

Celebrant - @thewildhitcher

Makeup - @elles_beauty_room

Catering - @seeyounextthursdaycatering



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