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Having a COVID wedding is the sad reality for many couples during this constantly changing time. For Olivia and Kyle, they had to change their date 3 times. But in the end, they still had the most magical day possible, with a new bundle of joy adding to the excitement. 

Though their date changed, their love for eachother stayed strong and the two legally tied the knot before their planned date, as to have the same surname on their son's birth certificate. Olivia “fell pregnant and had their boy in between their initial date and the actual wedding”.  

By attempt 3, trying to remember what had and hadn’t been organised was a challenge for the couple, but the day ran without a hitch and apart from the unexpected chill in the air, the couple's day ran smoothly. Though some of their extended family and friends were unable to attend, they “managed to livestream the ceremony so they were still involved”.

Olivia’s appointment at WFML was the only one she had to look at dresses, trying on “maybe 4 or 5 was all I needed to know I made the right choice”. Though she had no idea what she was looking for, she had a pretty clear idea of what she didn’t want. “The girls at WFML were great in pointing me in the right direction, especially when I didn’t know what direction that was myself! I loved that I was able to make small changes to really suited me”. 

But as the dates continued to change, she ended up having to buy a second dress to accommodate for their new family member. “Having a baby between buying a dress and having a wedding means you have to make a few changes. There was no chance I was fitting into the first dress again and I needed something a bit more practical. We were really under the hammer time wise but the WFML girls didn’t make me feel stressed at all and went above the call of duty”. But the best part about the new dress was “knowing it fit perfectly and would be comfortable. The wedding was one of the first times I had left the house in something other than leggings and a t-shirt, so it was a total upgrade!”. 

As for the groom, Olivia and Kyle had looked at a few options online and different colour schemes that would complement her and the bridesmaids dresses. “I would say he chose the suit himself but I think he picked up on the hints I was dropping when we were together”. 

As for other brides, Olivia’s best advice is to “just choose what you like. Throw tradition out the window because it makes no difference at the end of the day. Find a dress that you feel comfortable in without having to change yourself/lose weight. Not worrying about fitting into a certain size dress takes a lot of stress out of an already stressful time”. 

Their wedding looks absolutely magical and Olivia looks stunning in her pink Gio Gown. We are so pleased to have been able to help in creating your special day! Congratulations to Olivia and Kyle! 



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Me - @olivia.sloth_

Photographer - Cassandra Miller @incmillphotography

Makeup - Isabelle Fuller @isabellefullermua

Venue - White Chapel and Black Hall Kalbar @whitechapelkalbar @blackhallkalbar

Flowers - Bee's Buds and Trinkets @bees_buds_and_trinkets 

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