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During these unpredictable times that the pandemic has caused. Many weddings had to be delayed or cancelled.  For Donika and Scott’s wedding, it was originally booked for June 2020 in Casuarina NSW. They ended up pushing it back 12 months to June 2021 and moving it to Brisbane due to border concerns.

The original venue in NSW did not allow a refund so they had a second celebration with closest friends after the wedding in NSW.

Despite all the changes, the wedding went smoothly, and they kept most of their original visions for their night ceremony and a mixture of cocktail style before and after the ceremony with a dinner in between. Donika described it as beautiful, relaxed, and fun! 

Donika describes her experience and journey while finding her ideal gowns. She stated that she had no idea what style she wanted. She had tried on SO many gowns! She found the process quite difficult as she is an indecisive person. However, she always knew she wanted a jumpsuit for her first outfit where she welcomes guests and takes the first half of her photos for the day. She then wanted to get changed into her second outfit which would be a dress for the night ceremony. She tried on over twenty dresses before she found her two at When Freddie Met Lilly.

For the groom, his suit was chosen by both Donika and Scot. She thought the warm tones suited and complimented both her wedding outfits. 

We asked Donika about her experience while at WFML. She responded and said that the team at WFML was fantastic! She highlighted that Vanessa guided her through all the different styles and options. She lastly described her experience at WFML as helpful and comfortable. 

Lastly, Donika left a tip for future Brides. “Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion. If you love it, you love it. It’s your day! If you feel amazing, you will look it in anything!” 



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