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Brooke and Toby had their hearts set on a picturesque farm to host their dream wedding. As it was an outdoor venue, weather added stressful moments in the lead up when it rained for two solid days beforehand.This made accessing the farm a lot harder, but luckily everything came together in the eleventh hour thanks to a large amount of phone calls and organising done by Toby while on a tractor!

Due to the weather's uncertainty, they had a backup plan in place in case it rained on the actual day. But because they had their hearts so strongly set on the farm as their venue they pushed forward, even willing to transport their guests by tractor if need be.

Fortunately, the weather was beautiful, and everyone who RSVPed was able to attend the event and celebrate this fantastic occasion with them.

“Make sure that you are happy with what you choose to do. Don't settle for anything less. And remember that it's your day. Make the most of it because it goes so quick.”

Brooke’s Bridal Gown journey started with an idea of her dream gown in mind. After trying out a few dresses from the WFML range, she circled back to the very first piece that she tried on. The option to customise her Gown suited Brook's vision well, so, she and Vanessa set out to talk about and changes she wanted to make the Gown perfect.

Vanessa is able to give you her professional opinion when it comes to making changes to the design of a Gown. For anyone worried or unsure of what can be done and if what you have in mind will look good, being open to creative discussion really can be a fun part of the process. "She was very accommodating and lovely, making it easy for us to talk to her."

“Vanessa was extremely helpful and so lovely. I felt comfortable. Especially being a country girl extremely out of my comfort zone.

Congratulations Brooke and Toby!

Brooke @chook101
Toby @tony_mcdown
Marquee- @qldcountrymarquees
Hair- @studio17onmoffat.
Make-up @thesoulspa
Photographer- @emmacrossphotography
Catering- All good things catering
Flowers- Wild harvest collective.

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