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Carlee and Adam had a spectacular day. With their country vibe wedding going full steam ahead, nothing could put a damper on the couple's mood. Though there was a looming threat of lockdowns, the couple were both on the same page. They would get married regardless of what may come!


“We were constantly aware of the possibility of postponing our wedding as we had friends who had postponed theirs around the same time. We discussed our options and decided, if it came down to it, we would restrict the amount of guests or elope, just the two of us. The way we figured it, nothing is guaranteed; who’s to say something else wouldn’t come up at a later date?”

Fortunately for the pair, it never came to that and the only changes that were made, was switching to an alternate menu during the wedding. There were a couple of guests who opted not to attend due to being apprehensive around big crowds, but “there were zero travel restrictions and luck was on our side as we enjoyed our day almost exactly as we had planned! It was perfect and the weather was magical. 

“For my gown. I had visited 3 other shops prior to When Freddie Met Lilly. Finding my dress was the biggest stress for me in the whole wedding planning process. I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted before I started looking. I did know I wanted something a little bit different and above all else, I wanted to be comfortable. I showed Vanessa a photo of the ‘almost right’ dress from the other store and we discussed what I liked about it. Next thing I knew, the beautiful Ness flew into creative mode. She was in and out, bringing bits of lace, having me try on 2 dresses at once, trying to get a vision of what she had in mind. I knew that what she had in mind was exactly what I wanted. I trusted her completely. My Maid of Honour, Megan and I left our appointment feeling like Ness had everything completely under control. 


“Once I got the gown during my appointment with Vanessa, I cried. It was the first time I tried it on and I was just so happy with it! The entire process was wonderful. I always felt so welcome and looked after from the get go. Even Coco the sausage dog did her part in making our visits special. The culmination of all this combined made a completely memorable experience. My dress was so ME. I can’t count how many people told me how stunning it was and how ‘different’ it was. 

“Lucky for us we also got Adam’s suit from WFML. He really enjoyed going through all the fabric options with Vanessa and choosing something that suited him so perfectly. Having a suit tailored to his measurements made him feel confident and comfortable. He loved the final product and he’s worn his jacket to any nice occasion we have been to since. It’s so special to me and it takes me back to our wedding day. 

My advice to other brides is to find someone who understands exactly what you do and don’t want and can help bring your vision to life. 


“I honestly can’t thank Vanessa and the WFML team enough. They took what was the most stressful part of the wedding process for me and turned it into a wonderful experience that I treasure the memory of. I have, and will continue to, recommend them highly to any bride that comes within earshot of me”. 

We love hearing from and seeing our brides in their spectacular gowns on their magical days. Making a bride's experience less stressful and even fuller is our main goal and we couldn’t be happier to hear from Carlee. We wish you and Adam all the best and thank you for letting us be apart of your glorious day!




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Me:  carlee_warlee_


HMU: blushandbangsbeauty

Venue: gordoncountrywedding

Caterer: soul_kitchen_co

Cake: Made by a friend who is taking a break from Cakes 

Celebrant: Just You Weddings (no Instagram )

Rings: John Stone Designer Jeweller (No Instagram )

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