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Claire and Andrew wanted to take their time and enjoy planning their wedding. They had been together for 8 years, were engaged in January 2021 and thought about a year to plan, give or take a few months, sounded just right to them.


Though they had always been leaning towards a smaller, relaxed, local wedding, COVID in a way, solidified those plans. With the exception of a couple of overseas friends, the couple had all their close friends and family there with them. All in all, the day went perfectly… 

“Except for one little hiccup. We managed to lock ourselves and our bridal party out of the airbnb we were staying at - with everyone's phones and belongings stuck inside. We were taking photos before heading to the ceremony and we had all put everything inside when someone pulled the door shut on the courtyard terrace. My phone, which had the airbnb keycode, was locked inside. The groomsmen were debating who was going to take off their suit and scale the wall of the courtyard when our driver came to the rescue! The whole thing only lasted about 10 minutes, so while temporarily stressful, it now just makes for an excellent wedding day story!”. 


The day would not have been perfect without the perfect dress. “When I started looking for dresses I had a good idea of what I didn’t want, (not white, not plain, not too simple, but also not lots of tulle or volume). I was struggling to work out what I did want; mostly because I wasn't seeing much that really caught my eye. I had thought about getting something custom but wasn’t sure where to start with the design. But then, I saw the Heavenly dress from WFML, it instantly clicked and I loved it from the first photo. It had everything I had been vaguely thinking I would like in a dress plus more things I hadn't even thought of. The only problem… I was in lockdown in Melbourne and When Freddie Met Lilly was in Brisbane. The WFML team however, were brilliant and were able to find a way to help make it all work! - From super clear detailed instructions for measurements, to sending material samples down so I could buy shoe options for the fittings, to providing some matching material in case I needed to make a mask last minute, to flexible and prompt fittings when we finally were allowed to travel again, comprised of two super fast day trips up and back (Melbourne to Brisbane); the first to have my first fitting and then second to bring my finished dress home. 

The Heavenly Gown was the first and only dress I saw and fell in love with, and because of lockdown I had to go with my instincts and cross my fingers that it would be the same on me that I was imagining in my mind (risky but totally paid off). Even though I did do some bridal prep with my bridal party and looked at some other gowns, none were quite right compared to my chosen gown. It was the perfect mix of whimsical, sparkly and flowy. Modern but equally reminiscent of vintage gowns and glamour/fantasy. All the while, being something I could move in and really enjoy my day in.  


Overall, my experience with WFML was great! Being out of the state was a little tricky but the girls responded to calls and emails promptly and did everything they could to help remotely. Obviously the first fitting - never having seen the dress in person - was a little nerve-wracking but then the actual experience was delightful and super friendly. It was also one of the few 'bridal prep' things I was able to do in person and have my mum along for both fittings and she really enjoyed that too; the little touches like the lovely setting and the champagne were a bonus. 

As for Andrew, Claire didn’t really provide much guidance unless he asked for thoughts on specific things. It was important that both of them loved the outfits individually and felt comfortable in them, so as to not influence each other too much - “ I wear a lot of yellow and other warm colours and he tends to wear greys, blacks and blues so we really made the outfits our own rather than trying to fit to a specific theme or style that wasn't us”.


Finally, Claire shared her Blushing Bride wisdom for other brides. “Don't overthink it too much and follow your instincts. Also, if you're struggling to work out what you want, I highly recommend going for a fitting or two to just try random things on even without planning on finding anything that day”.

Claire’s golden dress was elegantly whimsical and complimented her perfectly. It was a pleasure to help her dreams come to life from so far away. We are so pleased to have been involved!

  • Mine: @clairehereandthere
  • Flowers: @elsaandgray
  • Cars (vintage beetle and kombi): @kombiweddingcarhire
  • Hair and Makeup: @katemcclearyhairandmakeup
  • Venue: @littlehenricafe
  • Celebrant: @dear.henri
  • Photography: @fotogenica_wp
  • Wedding/engagement rings: @nataliemariejewellery (for both mine and my partner Andrew's; we both got engagement and wedding rings)
  • Wedding favours: @minniesweets_melbourne

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