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For Dani and Husband Luke their wedding was affected by COVID-19. But remaining optimistic they still had their picture perfect day!

Dani telling us, "I was one of the many, many COVID brides with our original big day planned for 02 August 2020. We were hopeful until two months prior to our original date when we accepted that it just wasn't going to be possible to have the day we'd dreamed of with ongoing quarantine and border restrictions. We never wanted a huge celebration, but given both our families live interstate, we just couldn't imagine celebrating without them.

We postponed our big day until 10 April 2021 and were again haunted by snap border closures. We had decided however that we were going to go ahead and wouldn't be postponing again - we wanted those rings on our fingers! Luke chose the new date, picking the earliest near-dry season weekend available.

Border restrictions into the Northern Territory were enforced and, fortunately, lifted the week of our wedding so all our nearest and dearest were able to attend. It also ended up being one of the hottest, most humid days to end the wet season (but no rain!), so it was a full-on welcome to the Territory for our loved ones. Someone upstairs was definitely looking out for us."

The Big Day 

Despite everything Dani told us their big day ran smoothly, "It was absolutely magical and such a fun day and night filled with nothing but love, happy tears and laughter.

It was without a doubt the best day ever. Nothing will replace the feeling of stepping out of our bridal car with my mum and seeing all our favourite people looking back at me - sweating but smiling! And then of course seeing Luke waiting for me. It really was a dream come true."

The WFML Experience 

Dani lives in remote Northern Territory making wedding dress shopping a bit challenging! Luckily for Dani she stumbled upon WFML and brought her mum along to a trip to Brisbane to have her dream dress made!  

Dani telling us, "I had two options in my head for my wedding dress - one being sleek and simple, and the other being a traditionally "bridey" princess dress. I was very torn in what I wanted and was leaning towards the latter as when else do you get to go all out with tulle?! I'd tried on a few by known bridal designers but they just didn't quite match the image I had in my head, and I found different gowns had different features that I liked, but none had all of them in one.

When I first found WFML, I saw a dress which came close to the image in my head but I still wanted to tweak it a little. I got in contact with Vanessa and she was an absolute dream to communicate with from the get-go. I went to my first fitting with a little sketch that I'd roughly drawn up the night before and she managed to bring my bespoke dress and skirt to life!

Vanessa was exceptional. Given that I was only able to travel to Brisbane for my first fitting (with future trips put on the backburner because of COVID), she managed to pull everything together behind the scenes and was happy to send photos and updates to put my nerves at ease." 

The Dress 

We thought Dani looked gorgeous in her gown! Dani stating, 

"I honestly felt like a goddamn princess. Paired with my veil and heels, I felt every bit like Luke's perfect bride and it was such a fun, flowy and comfortable dress to wear."

Advice for Future Brides 

Dani left us with some amazing advice for future brides,

"Definitely trust your gut, be picky if there's a detail you want and make sure you feel those wedding-dress-butterflies! Choosing a dress that's "the one" is scary, especially when life decides to throw in a few speed bumps, but ignore the doubts and just remember what your big day is all about (I knew Luke would marry me in a potato sack but it was still nice to feel like a princess)! I had my dress fitted in January 2020, pre-COVID, and didn't see it in person until February 2021 so would be lying if I said I didn't change my mind on what I wanted to wear about ten times over, but in the end, it was perfect!" 

A MASSIVE congratulations to the GORGEOUS Dani and Luke! We are so glad they were able to have such a perfect day! We LOVED being apart of Dani's Big Day! 


Bride: @danikeenan

Wedding planner: @atogevents (A Touch of Grace)

Photographer / Celebrant: @marriedbykellyandjosh (Married by Kelly and Josh)

Videographer: @northaustraliamedia (Justin)

Ring designer: @shop_RAWspace (Alysha Alex, RAWspace)

Flowers: @therainfloristdarwin (Bee, The Rain Florist)

Hair: @vanillahairstudio (Despina)

Make-up: @conaribeauty (Tracey)

Dani's Outfit: @whenfreddiemetlily @paspaleypearls (Paspaley Pearls, earrings), @loefflerrandall (Loeffler Randall, shoes)

Luke's outfit: @industrieclothing (Industrie, chinos and shirt), @r.m.williams_official (R. M. Williams, boots)

Location: @city_of_darwin (East Point Reserve), @nationaltrustnt (Audit House)

Caterer: @onthemenunt (Melissa)

Drinks: @thebaravan (Baravan)

Extras: @top_end_coolrooms (furniture, coolroom), @darwinlimousines (Tesla hire)

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