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Deb has to be one of the luckiest brides on earth! Not only did she get to marry the man of her dreams, Eugene, but she also had one of the most unique wedding planning experiences we’ve ever come across. Prior to the big day she never even met with her photographer, stylist, cake maker or gelato/coffee vendor in person and they all turned out completely amazing! Everything was suited to her style and exactly how she imagined, the day could not have been any better. 


For Deb the most important first step was to secure their wedding location. Once that was found, every other little small detail and inspirations would come together nicely. However, the second most important piece of planning would be… her wedding dress! Which in all honesty is most likely more exciting than securing a location.


Fast forward to the big day, Deb and Eugene were surrounded by friends and family! Eugene had his family come in from New Zealand, including his 80 year old mother which was one of the most important moments for Eugene. Unfortunately, both Deb's parents are no longer with us, but her mum’s brother travelled from Ballarat. It was so special that both the pairs families were able to to travel from Forbes NSW and attend the wedding on the Sunshine Coast.


Even though Deb’s mum is not with us anymore, she felt her presence throughout the whole wedding experience. She had a small pin made of crystals on the waistband of her skirt, keeping her close all day. It is something that belonged to her mother and she used to sneak into her room to stare at it when she was younger. She didn't know where she would wear it on the day but when she tried it on the waistband, it felt that it was meant to be pinned there. “It's a very special gift that I got to wear on our big day.” It was amazing having a piece of her lineage she was able to wear to feel connected to her family even more.


For Deb, this wedding was a dream come true. Being 50 years old, she never imagined that she would be able to have the wedding she dreamed of as a little girl. A massive part of that experience was… trying on dresses. Coming to WFML to try on dresses and getting her dream gown was ‘more than a dream come true’. “ Arriving at the amazing location, being greeted by incredibly friendly and warm girls and being offered champagne or tea/coffee, was all so amazing. Vanessa is a godsend. Great advice and extremely calming words when I got a little anxious and patience!!! I changed my mind a few times and Vanessa was so so patient in helping me with the decision. I’ll always treasure the special experience I had at WFML. It wa so easy. I booked my appointment with When Freddie Met Lilly and never went anywhere else.”

Deb was drawn to WFML based on a photo she found online of the Francis bodice and donna skirt. It looked like the dress she always wanted and was the first she tried on. After putting the pieces on, she knew it was the one for her! But her friend advised her to try a few more dresses to make the most of the experience. She tried the Harriet bodice and was thrown into a turmoil between the two. “It was just a matter of choosing the bodice. I chose the Harriet bodice in the end because it was something special, it was a little bit “more” than what I would normally choose.”

“I felt like an absolute princess on the day. I got ready in an apartment in the middle of Mooloolaba and walked down to the car where there were lots of general public around having coffee etc and I felt like an absolute celebrity. I know I looked beautiful in that dress. Anyone would!!”.

The couple still opted for a casual style wedding, so Eugene knew he wanted a linen suit in a natural beige colour. He did try on a suit at WFML but hadn’t decided if he wanted a suit or just a more casual shirt and pants. He ended up going with the latter and found pants and a separate shirt which he had.


Deb’s advice to other brides is to choose with your heart. “All your little ideas and inspirations will come together. I knew all the little things that I loved and I just chose all of them without any idea of whether they would all fit together. But they did. Just go with your heart and enjoy the experience”.

Their day looked absolutely magical. A casual ceremony surrounded by friends and family making it even more intimate. Feeling her mother’s presence with her must’ve been an emotionally fulfilling experience for Deb and we are so glad we got to be a part of her big day. Once again, a massive congratulations to Deb and Eugene!

Instagram: @debkatedethierry.
Photographer: @alignedweddings
Venue: @annabella_theweddingchapel
Celebrant: @caitythecelebrant
Make up: @makeupartistrybyraineybrooke
Hair: @dreambridalhair
Coffee and gelato van: @tippleandbean

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