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Kimberely Floyd met her husband Will, at work in 2017. After a few fun filled dates and a lot of chats, they started dating. Fast forward, they bought their first house, got their beautiful dog Freddie. The couple were living their dream life when Will proposed to Kimberely in the beautiful house full of happy memories.  


Tying the knot for Kimberely means that they are now forever a team, a promise to each other that they will always support and fight for each other no matter what.

Their wedding was made even more special as it was held at Kimberely’s grandparents house with all their loved ones attending. “I am lucky enough that my grandparents are still with us, I grew up next door to them for over 15 years and they are like second parents to me. There was nothing more special :)”


Even their gorgeous dog Freddie was a part of the ceremony as their ring bearer. Will wore the watch Kimberely’s grandpa gifted to him and last but not least, Kimberely’s grandpa walked her down the aisle. It was the absolute icing on the cake for Kimberely and there was nothing more special. Being surrounded by the love of their closest friends and family was the most important thing for the couple.


Finding the right gown is every bride's dream, as it was for Kimberely. She didn’t have a specifical gown in mind and was open to trying every style to see which suited her best. The only thing she knew was that she wanted a gown that she could show to her children and grandchildren in years to come and it still looked beautiful and classic.


Her experience with When Freddie Met Lilly was fabulous as she was accompanied by her family and friends. Everyone who came with Kimberely to shop for gowns had their opinions on what looked best on her and what she should try. But once she tried on ‘the’ dress, everyone knew and agreed she looked stunning and had found her gown. Even Kimberely said, “When I first put it on I immediately felt like a princess”.


The best part of Kimberely’s bridal experience was receiving all the love and support from everyone close to her. Kimberely’s entire process from dress shopping with close friends, to being thrown the most amazing hen party that her beautiful bridesmaids put on for her, to the actual wedding day everything was perfect. 

For future brides to be, Kimberely’s advice would be, before you start with wedding planning, “sit down with your partner and decide on 2 non-negotiables you both have for your wedding - this is what is important to you and you should splurge on the most important things! 

What a gorgeous couple the pair make and we could not be happier for this match made in heaven! Once again, congratulations to Kimberely and Will!

Me - @kimberleyfloyd
Photographer - @aleishaedwardsweddings
Tux - @mjbale
Flowers - @flowers_by_erika
Ceremony stylist - @momentsmadeeasy1
Cake - @peaceofcakeau
Rings - @amour_jewellery
Catering - @agbrisbane
Second dress - @becandbridge
Celebrant isn’t on instagram

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