WFML REAL BRIDE: Peta and Ryan

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To Peta, marriage is sacred. It is committing 110% to another person. Backing them in all seasons of life, and knowing that they will always be in your corner. It is finding safety and trust in them. My husband is my best friend and I delight in the life I get to create with him. 

The ultimate promise to one another, is represented in Peta and Ryan’s love for each-other. The two’s love story is truly centred around spirituality and a deep connection between them. “I believe in a wedding day that reflected us as a couple, we were the couple that had a burger van as our catering. We are both pretty laid back, so wanted our wedding to be as well. And we achieved that.

The couple met at bible study. “When I walked in, we both had a moment where we were like…. Where do I know you from? Turns out, we went to church together about 10 years ago” The two’s life stories were already connected from years prior. Meeting again seemed like fate.

“I think we have the greatest proposal story ever. He somehow got in contact with the owner of a multimillion dollar yacht. I should say, this is a boat that we have looked at for ages and just marvelled at how amazing it was. On the afternoon of our one year anniversary, I was taken down to where the boat was moored, as we were walking past, someone came up the gangway and greeted us. The story I was told, was that we were just going up the river for Friday night drinks and going to pick some more people from New Farm park. We cruised down to New Farm park, and I was taken up to the front of the boat. We were stationed just off the mooring at New Farm Park, I was sitting there taking a photo on my phone and my husband said, Why don't you put your phone down and I said "I'm just taking it all in". He then looked at me and said "Why don't you take this in" and got on one knee - I did not see it coming as all! He proposed with the ring he had chosen, and then said to me "If you look over on the main land, you can see Jonas, He is taking photos". My husband had organised for a friend to essentially be hiding in the bushes to capture the whole thing. Our friend was able to come on board and celebrate as we cruised back to the mooring. While fixing my makeup from crying tears of joy, he turned to me and said "Oh, I know that you would of wanted to tell your parents first, so I have organised for them to come on board and celebrate with us and also here is a makeup bag I organised for you to fix your makeup as well. He had just thought of everything!”

In terms of finding her dream gown, the experience was something of a fairy tale. “I thought I knew what I wanted for my dress (Long sleeves, lace, Not slim fit). I did a lot of research of dresses in this style. When Freddie Met Lily was the first boutique I went to. I was like a little girl playing dress ups. Vanessa showed me a dress that I had not picked out, I tried it on, and cried. It was the dress I felt like a real bride in. I decided on the Gemma Gown and made changes to accommodate what I thought I wanted. Vanessa and Laura were so helpful in the whole process. 


When it came time to try the altered dress on - I didn't feel bridal at all, I didn't feel comfortable in it. I remember standing there in the studio thinking, I don't like any of this. Laura asked what I thought. I said "I don't like what I’ve done, I don't feel like a bride." It’s not the words you want to say 50 days out from your wedding, let alone, in front of the designer themselves. I could not speak highly enough of how Vanessa and Laura handled it. They asked me what I wanted to change, what I didn't like. I remember that night I didn't sleep at all. I got up early and emailed Vanessa and asked the bold question - Can the original Gemma Gown be made in time for our wedding… a whole new dress. Vanessa emailed back in an hour, stating that it was possible, and for me to not stress! I was the one that was causing the stress of asking for a dress to be made in a month and a half before the wedding date! To this day, I am forever grateful to When Freddie Met Lily, they made the impossible possible for me to have my dream dress on my wedding day. The attention and care I received from When Freddie Met Lilly was incredible and one of the only parts of planning my wedding I would do again. I still get people stating how stunning the dress was and how the dress was so me, they couldn't have imagined me in anything else.”


As for my husband (Teehee, I love saying that word) and his groomsmen, we knew we wanted earthy tones and something simple, I was very impressed and he took full care of finding his outfit. My husband, wanted to wear the suit his grandfather wore when his parents got married. He had a very special bond with his grandfather and wanted to include him and feel his presence on the day. The suit did not fit unfortunately, so we had our beautiful friend make a bow tie and pocket square, the colours worked perfectly.


Once her gown was complete, finding the perfect venue. “We knew we wanted a garden/leafy relaxed wedding. In the initial stages of planning we went for a drive in the Redlands, and looked at a few places, but they just weren't hitting the mark. We pulled over on the side of the road and said a really simple prayer ‘God you know what we want and need, show us’. We drove off and came across a man on the side of the road. We thought, he looks like a local. We pulled up next to him and asked if he knew of any wedding venues or gardens in the area. He told us if we kept going up the road a few hundred metres and turn right, we would come across a nursery that has a garden space at the back overlooking a lagoon. We followed his directions and when we drove in, there was actually a wedding on that day! When we looked at it a few weeks later, it was a perfect fit - gorgeous open garden space, leafy rainforest section, area for the reception, and fairy lights. It had everything we needed. Cute thing is, the owners actually built it for his daughters wedding and now they hire it out as an event space.


Adding to this, the couple were blessed that all their immediate family and friends were able to be there on the day and celebrate their union. 


Her tips for future brides was actually given to her by her dad and a friend, ‘Your bound to offend someone in some way, just do the wedding you want to do’ and ‘Don't worry about the little stuff, no one is going to remember if you had flowers on the aisle chairs etc. Do the day that you will look back on and go, I'm so glad we did that’.

The pair's wedding looked absolutely stunning. We are so pleased we were able to help Peta create her dream gown and be a part of the experience of creating something so uniquely her. 



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Photography - NicolaLemmonPhotos

Cake - BakedbyJenessa

Hair - SamanthaLeeHair

MUA - BellaBrides

Venue - Lagoon View Nursery

Flowers - Flower Lovers

Dress - When Freddie Met Lily

Jewellery - Ruby and Sage

Catering - Bill's Burgers Food Truck

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