WFML Real Bride: Emma & Simon

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Being in the Moment

This year has been especially hard for brides, grooms and weddings due to Coronavirus, however, that didn’t stop Emma and Simon from having their perfect day. While Covid-19 meant that they couldn’t include most of their family members and friends, Covid ultimately made the decision to elope that much easier. As well as not particularly wanting the fuss, stress and drama of a big wedding day; eloping was a welcome reprieve, helping to focus entirely on them and being truly ‘in the moment’ together. Emma shared that “with the uncertainty of the pandemic developments, it did not make sense to let it control our decisions. Instead, we took control, and we felt more certain, happy and stress-free because of it.”




Finding the Perfect Dress

Initially feeling like she didn’t ‘deserve’ to have a fancy or new dress because of the elopement, Emma decided to book an appointment with When Freddie Met Lilly after being drawn to a few of our designs. Emma went into our boutique envisaging a fitted, long, white gown and out of the blue was offered a golden-look lace dress. It was the first gown that Emma tried on and was pleasantly surprised when walking out of the dressing room; feeling and looking beautiful, not even recognising herself. After trying on a few other dresses and not being able to stop thinking about the golden gown, Emma had to take it then and there, saying “it was perfect. I was so excited to put it on. I felt sexy, fun and delicate all at the same time.” 


Enlightening Experience

Emma shared that their experience at WFML with Vanessa and the rest of our team was utterly seamless and perfect. Not feeling like she was in a shop, but rather ‘a warm pocket of helpfulness and happiness that wanted to make me feel beautiful’. Emma emphasises that she has never been the kind of person to look at herself in the mirror for too long, or been the kind of person who wanted to dress up like a princess, but in the WFML boutique she felt truly beautiful and in her dress on the day she felt equally (if not more) beautiful. “The raw, honesty, creativity and happiness that your boutique brings to this special occasion was unmatched, and made such a special memory for this time in our lives.” 





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