WFML Real Bride: Sarah & Nick vs. COVID-19

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The Planning

As the months have passed, COVID-19 has been responsible for the postponing and rescheduling of hundreds of weddings throughout the country. Although, for our real bride Sarah and her partner Nick, the global pandemic actually in a way prompted their wedding. Getting married has been on the cards for a few years, but was delayed due to uni, money and buying a house. As COVID-19 came around, Sarah spent many hours working at the hospital, which made their priorities change. After seeing how quickly things can change, they decide they no longer wanted to wait: all they wanted was to finally be husband and wife. At the end of May, the couple decided on a date and were willing to go through with it given whatever the circumstances would be. The most important thing was for them to just get married, no matter the circumstances. Come their actual wedding day, where guest number restrictions are still in place, Sarah and Nick had a small group of close friends and family. Sarah mentioned, “there was something special and relaxed with just having a few close friends”.

The Big day

They panned their date months in advance hoping the boarders would be open for family to attend and also time for Sarah’s sister to deliver her latest nephew. Due the state boarders closing for a second time, both parents and a majority of the families were unable to attend the wedding. Fortunately, Sarah sister worked for two ladies who own a business that live streams funerals. Once the boarders had closed again, the ladies made the offer to record the wedding for the entire family. “Whilst many key people were unable to be there, having the livestream also meant that so many people could share the experience”, Sarah explained.
Sarah was walked down the aisle by her sister and her partner on the big day. Additionally, with their close friends were in attendance, they felt it important to have Sarah’s mother and father give her way, therefore Sarah’s sister held a phone down the aisle with the parents on facetime.

The Dress

Whilst Sarah had some vague ideas of the wedding dresses she wanted to try; she knew she had to be quite flexible given the short time frame. Sarah explained that a number of bridal shops made it feel like it was impossible for even thinking to suggest a wedding dress in less than six months. Once attending her personalised appointment at When Freddie met Lilly, with her sister and mother (thankfully before boarders closed again), the experience was fantastic and left Sarah with a lot of hope. The bride explained, “I had originally anticipated that I was going to have to get a second hand or sample dress and have it altered. I never had any expectation or even remotely thought that is would be at all possible for a dress to be made. So, when Vanessa accepted the challenge, the dress possibilities opened right up!”. 

After trying on no more than 10 dresses, Sarah decided on the stunning Florence Gown. The wedding gown features a simple boatneck and long sleeves in a weighted crepe, along with intricate lace and bead work on the bodices back, all to create a stunning silhouette. Sarah said she felt flawless on her big day. “It was such a comfortable and elegant dress” Sarah explains, “I am so excited that I get to wear it a second time when we have our wedding 2.0 to show our family in person”. When Freddie met Lilly were happy to assist Sarah in finding her perfect gown in such a small time frame, allowing it be a “very relaxed and stress free process” in Sarah’s words. At the end of the day, all Sarah and Nick wanted was to finally be wed, and we are extremely happy that we were able to assist her with finding the perfect gown for their very special day.  

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