WFML Real Bride and Groom: Talyce and Peter

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As 2020 is drawing to a close, COVID-19 restrictions have slowly eased and life is returning back to normal; many couples have had to make several changes to their wedding plans this year. Our real bride and groom, Talyce and Peter, decided to tie the knot at the end of this special year at Hillstone, St Lucia. The newlyweds shared that COVID-19 had affected their big day in a few ways, however, they considered themselves lucky as they had plenty of time to integrate these changes into their day with no major bumps in the road.

The corona-coaster had them initially canceling and rescheduling their wedding day for 2021, but as that idea settled in and Australia's COVID situation was improving and performing better, they told themselves, “You know what. We have been planning this for 3 years. We don’t want to drag this out any longer.” So, fast forward, a new wedding vision and date was planned and executed in less than 3 months. From a conventional, sit down wedding dinner of 70 people, Talyce and Peter decided to hold a Halloween themed, stand up cocktail function of 43 people.

Nick and Sarah’s wedding ran smoothly, and even better than anticipated. With the countdown to the big day drawing to a close, restrictions slowly eased one by one, which resulted in the couple being able to have a traditional wedding, in a pre-COVID sense. The wedding party and guests were able to dance which to them, was the biggest win of the night.

Both bride and groom chose to customize their gown and suit to incorporate their own special and sentimental elements to the stunning designs offered at When Freddie Met Lilly. Our groom, Peter, chose a navy suit with a black lapel, along with a few other elements that he chose to integrate into his suiting. Talyce had a vague idea of the silhouette that she thought would suit her body shape however didn’t have specific requirements for the materials, detailing or sleeves, etc. of the dress. Unaware of the BESPOKE service that WFML offers, Talyce thought that she had to love the dress that she tried on, however, was ecstatic to find out that there is more flexibility and individualism in the designing process for her wedding gown. She shared that she tried on 6 dresses in total plus a whole week of reviewing photos that she took before choosing a design. In the end, Talyce chose the ESCHA gown with her own personal touches, which made her feel beautiful, elegant, and most importantly, comfortable for her big day.

When planning for an important day such as a wedding day, finding a perfect gown and suit should be at the end of the list. In Talyce and Peter’s case, Vanessa and the team at WFML definitely took a lot of stress of their plate. The couple shared that they loved coming in for appointments and visiting the team. They always felt welcomed and the team is always professional- all Talyce and Peter had to do was make a decision about what they wanted, and WFML took care of the rest.

After a day filled with lots of love, joy, and most importantly, dancing, our bride, Talyce leaves a bit of advice for future brides- always consider who your dress if going to move once you hit that dance floor. In her experience, after busting out her best moves on the dance floor, Talyce accidentally broke a button that held up the train of her dress.



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