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COVID-19 VS. Leetice & Matt

As Leetice and Matt were counting down the dates to their big day, COVID became a living nightmare as restrictions were put into place. The couple went from cancelling their engagement party to changing their wedding venue from a venue, to a property near Kilcoy that belonged to Leetice's uncle. By changing her wedding venue, Leetice was able to have greater control over her wedding. This allowed her to meet her goal and vision of their big day having a relaxing atmosphere where friends and family can feel comfortable to mingle freely and happily. However, regardless of restrictions, Leetice and Matt were set to tie the knot on the day that they have always wanted. Sticking to the date was tough but possible because they discussed their guest lists for if they had to cut numbers down. So, the couple made separate lists of 10, 20 , 30 and 40 guests, to prepare for any guest cuts. Leetice shared that their big day met all her goals and expectations since the day went smoothly and was filled with love and joy. 

Their Their Big Day...

Leetice and Matt's big day was a huge success thanks to the help of their friends and family. As the couple planned the day themselves, the immense help from their loved ones played a key role in pulling together their perfect day. And as far as the loving couple was aware, the day ran completely smoothly and no drama wreaked havoc. 

The The Dress...

Along with her mum, Leetice visited the WFML studio in April and had a few ideas in mind of what she wanted in her dream wedding gown. After trying on countless dresses, Leetice shared that she fell in love with the ELLA LOUISA SKIRT, and knew that it was for her! With Vanessa's help of showcasing different dresses and ideas, Leetice was able to find the skirt's perfect pair, the DANIA BODICE. Leetice chose to create her own bespoke wedding gown that was unique to her by making a few changes to the bodice and skirt; they were also able to add pockets into the dress! Falling in love with her dream gown, she was excited to take it out of the WFML bag and said that it made her feel like a princess- as much of a cliche as that sounds! She shared that, "I loved every part of the dress and all the little details". As her wedding relied on their family and friends to help, her cousin was the photographer and apart from her immediate family, was also the first person to see her in the dress. Leetice shared that seeing her cousin's response to see her was wonderful and special.  To compliment her wedding gown, Matt knew exactly what he wanted and did a great job in choosing a suit. With bits of encouragement here and there, Leetice let her hubby hold the reins when it came to working on the finer details of his suit- although she did help choosing his tie! 

Final Thoughts... 

Leetice shares that the joy in the dress you love will shine through, so go with what your heart desires and don't worry about what others will think or say. She also recommends to stop looking at other wedding dresses after you've found the one! 
Her experience with COVID was tough but she was glad the team at WFML were such a big help and went above and beyond to help out and ease her nerves and worries. Leetice shared that the WFML team were friendly and caring, and great to work with.   
Makeup and hair: @twidalehairandmakeup 
Flowers: @violaflorals  
Matt: @elyod3 
Leetice: @leetice_evans  

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