WFML Real Couple: Lizzy & Jeremy

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With a snap lockdown called just two short weeks before Lizzy and Jeremy were set to be married, the couple thought they were doomed! Yet slowly but surely lockdown ended, restrictions eased and guest numbers aligned and the happy couple could have their big day pretty much as planned. Over these stressful few weeks, Lizzy sat glued to daily press conferences; "You should've heard the excited screech that left my body when Premier Annastacia announced we would be allowed to dance!" What a wild world we are living in, when a serious concern is whether you can dance at your own wedding! 

Many couples may have been understandably stressed about this series of events unfolding so close to their wedding day, but after being together for 14 years and engaged for more than 4 of those, Lizzy and Jez took this as a little road-bump in what was a very relaxed wedding plan. After tossing up whether to post-pone or not, the couple decided to bite the bullet and continue on with the wedding as planned. And they're so glad they did! It was the most perfect day you could imagine! 

Although a few key players could not attend the wedding due to living overseas, Lizzy and Jez, once again took a beautifully positive approach to a tough situation. They set-up lifesize cardboard cutouts of Jez's brother and sister-in-law so they could have them there in spirit. What a brilliant idea! According to Lizzy the day could not have gone smoother! The couple decided to secretly get married at the registry office, alongside their bridal party, the morning of the wedding. This ended up being one of the best decisions the couple made as it meant they were so relaxed for the rest of the day. "The photographer kept saying, "you're the most relaxed bride I've ever seen" when we were getting ready and it was like "dude, that's because I'm already married!""


They kept the details simple - no flowers, no transport (they simply walked from the hotel to the venue) - and it was exactly what the newlyweds dreamed of. We were so honoured to help design Lizzy's dream wedding outfit too! After looking at many beautiful, more traditional style wedding gowns online, Lizzy couldn't find something that fit her vibe. She wanted something bright and colourful and that is where we came in! Lizzy stumbled across our stunning Hepburn skirt on the website and decided that was what she wanted but... in YELLOW! After showing it to her best lady, it was a must have and couldn't have been more perfect for this beautiful bride. Our talented designer, Vanessa, then helped with all the little details - waistband, length, what top to wear with it etc. When reflecting on what it was like shopping with us at WFML, we were honoured to read the following: "Vanessa was so kind and helpful, and never made me feel weird for wanting something so different. It was a perfect experience."

When deciding what Jeremy should wear for the big day, he started with the shoes! Being a sneaker fan, Jez chose to wear the most amazing "Bordeaux" Jordan 12s as his wedding shoes. It was a privilege to then build the rest of his outfit in our studio to match! Together the couple mentioned how smooth and easy the process was! Lizzy was a little anxious going into the process as she was after something less traditional. However, there was no need for concern, as our team were so excited to hear of these fun outfit ideas and be pivotal in bringing Lizzy's dream to life. It could not have been more amazing! 


Finally, we asked Lizzy to share any tips she has for future brides and this is what she said: "Just do you. Don't worry about what people expect you to wear, or what you're 'supposed' to wear. Do what makes you feel good. That's life advice too!" Congratulations Lizzy and Jez - we were thrilled to be apart of your magical big day. We wish you nothing but happiness.



Photographer: Andy Williams 
Venue: @smoked_garage_brisbane
Hair: Manuka from @hairarchitectsco
Makeup: @thekimnewman 

Outfits: @whenfreddiemetlilly

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