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Nina and her now husband Peter’s day ran SO SMOOTHLY! Everything was just absolutely perfect and the couple could not have asked for a better day! Although some of their guests could not attend due to last minute Covid scares, the couple were still able to live-stream them in and have everyone with them on their big day. 


That was the only way Covid affected the pair's wedding and although they missed those guests so much they were ready to be married. If things had been worse, it might have been a different story but everything was just perfect. 

At the end of the day…. They were just excited to get married!


With wedding planning, so too comes the inevitable and ultimate hunt for the dress. For Nina, she didn’t have a clear vision. She tried on so many dresses she loves count. For her “It felt good to just try other styles and have a bit of fun before finding the dress. “I felt a bit all over the place at first and thought I had found the one. I slept on it for a few days and realised, it wasn’t what I actually wanted. I ended up going with something a bit more classic and I am SO GLAD I did! I unintentionally get swept away in trends and other people’s opinions and forget that classic and striking styles are my JAM! As for my husband, he tends to lean towards classic fashion as well, so the black suit and tie combo just suited him to a ‘t. 

Once Nina had found her gown everything else just fell into place. “My experience with When Freddie Met Lilly was amazing. Karolina and Vanessa were incredible.They listened to my crazy ideas and just went with it. It was just a dream. Both stylists listened so well and had their own creative input. I would trust those ladies with anything!


Even more so after having my first fitting and realising… my gown was going to impact the ceremony. My partner and I had the first dance fully choreographed and it was so special as an old ballet teacher had done it for us. It was also important to us as my partner and I had met while doing theatre as dance partner. After having a brief stress about what we were going to do, I came to Vanessa to talk about the possibility of creating a second dress in just four weeks. I got the second gown only a few days before the wedding and while I wouldn’t recommend leaving that decision up to the last minute, it was the perfect decision for me. 


“I found my perfect gown and it made me feel like a queen! The classic style with the cape just absolutely made me feel like royalty, I loved every minute of wearing that dress!”


“My advice to other brides is to definitely think about comfortability. It is easy to get carried away with looking the best and having the best dress. I will never regret going with a dress I was comfortable in. Or even pick that striking dress and have a costume change for the dance floor! Having two gowns was the BEST idea ever! 


My wedding day was the best day of my life. Having the girls at WFML be a part of it just made it all the more special and perfect! My dresses were just the best and I am already looking for another opportunity to wear my reception dress again! 




Venue - @theolddairymaleny

Coordinator & Stylist - @mapleweddingsandevents

Celebrant - @andygourley

Photographer - @luminosity.studios

Videographer - @hartfilms_

Hair & Makeup Stylist - @nix_makeupandhair

Florist - @fiestaflora__

Reception Musician - @bakerboysband

Cake - @Andybakes_

Catering & Bar Service - @alfreshco_catering

Dessert Table - @picturesk_grazing_picnic_co

Guest Transport - Maleny Coaches

Grooms Suit - @institchu

Bridesmaids dresses - @thegownhouseaustralia

Bride - @nina.carmen01

Groom - @peter.carmen01

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