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Daniella and Lawson were engaged while on holiday in Europe in 2019. The couple were enjoying their vacation when COVID hit and had to rush back to Australia. When they arrived home, the wedding idea fell onto the back-burner. The pair wanted a full festival style wedding. With restrictions and lockdowns at this time this would not have been possible. So, they waited till April 2022 for their big extravaganza! “We’d been together for 10 years, so what was another 2!”.


The couple had thought to have their wedding in late 2021 as waiting was becoming frustrating, but this was the exact time when QLD opened its borders and there were clusters of new cases. So, they decided to wait. When the day finally arrived, most of their loved ones were able to be there as most of the mandates had ended. “Somehow we only had 5 of our guests out of 80 who couldn’t make it! Everyone else had either had it already, or was just following my manic please to bathe in sanitiser and mask up constantly”. 


Despite everything, the whole day ran as smoothly as any wedding could! Any small issues that arose the couple were blissfully unaware of. “We put the whole thing on ourselves at the family property called The Paddock and we are incredibly indebted to all our friends and family who chipped in. Special shout out to my sister in law Kerris, who captained that ship through some bumpy seas”.

“When it came to my dress. The Halo gown was the second dress I tried on in my first appointment. My family and I had a full day booked after this. All over Brisbane at different  wedding venues. Not one of them compared to the kindness and genuine atmosphere of the When Freddie Met Lilly Studio and the beautiful bespoke gowns”.


“When we first started dress shopping I had quite a strong idea of what I thought I wanted, or at least I thought it did… A big tulle cinderella skirt and a sparkly or embellished bodice with short sleeves. This all changed when I came to WFML. When I put on the Halo gown it was fun, it was glamorous, it was all the things and more, but I still had this other idea in my head. The ladies at WFML were so accommodating over the fitting appointments as I grappled with the idea of going with something so different. Vanessa and the whole team there are stunning. So considerate and full of knowledge, I felt valued and taken care of through the whole process”.

“My dress made me feel… PERFECT!  I’m more of a wallflower kind of gal but not that day. It was the perfect combination of vintage/modern and oh my word did it spin well! The drape, the hem, the sparkle. I think I spent the whole night twirling and dancing as much as I possibly could. Pure joy!”


“As for Lawson,  it did take a little while to find his suit. He wasn’t too stressed as he is essentially a sample size, so anything off the rack needed minimal altering to fit him. It was all definitely part of his journey as we wanted to compliment each other… That's the whole point right?! His favourite colour is blue, so it's kind of funny it took so long to land on what he did but we complemented each other to perfection”.

“In the end though, my advice to other brides is to go with your gut feeling. Be open to new ideas and explore other avenues just for fun. That was the only reason I chose the Halo Gown to try on in the first place. It was just for a laugh because it was so different from what I thought I wanted! I was drawn in immediately”. 


We are so grateful we had the opportunity to create such a warm experience for Daniella in making her dream gown and being apart of her and Lawson’s big day! The gown could never outshine Daniella and she looked stunning in every moment! We wish them all the best. 




Our venue: the_paddock_stay


Photographer: jessgunnphoto

Catering: Beauty and the Beard eats and events

Drinks: ponyexpress_travelingbar

Cake: sweetindulgenceatstephs

Band: ciganyweaver

Marquee:  deluxpartyhire

Celebrant: beverleybraak.celebrant

Rings: ashhiltonjewellery

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