More unconventional traditions to try at your wedding

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More unconventional traditions to try at your wedding:


A wedding day is a truly magical experience with friends and family witnessing the joining of two souls. While some opt for conventional proceedings to create their picture perfect day, this is an exploration of some of the more non-traditional ideas. 

  1. Private first look with the groom 

When you and your partner first see each other on your day, it will be as you are walking down the aisle. While it is an intimate moment between the two of you, your friends and family are also seeing you for the first time. One idea is opting for a private first look with your partner to fully take in the moment and just be with each other. 

  1. Bridesmaids pick their own dresses but stick to one colour

Bridesmaids dresses are notorious for being hated. While the Bride usually chooses the gowns to compliment her dress, there is another option. While most of us know this trick we thought we’d throw it in here just in case. Choose one particular colour for your bridesmaids but allow them to choose their own dresses. This means, they have the freedom to feel comfortable on the day, while still complimenting you.

  1. Have and change between multiple dresses

Sometimes one dress just isn’t enough. Having multiple gowns can add to the excitement of your day. Having an extravagant gown for your ceremony and changing to a shorter, sweeter dress for your reception, allows you to feel comfortable all day and still look fabulous. For an added surprise, don't tell your husband about your second dress and watch his reaction!

  1. Make your own wedding cake

The cutting of the cake for a bride and groom is a lovely tradition. Some brides have recently taken up baking. So, what a perfect way to use the skill. You can sew your love into the dough and add a little extra sentimental value into the day, knowing you made it together. 


  1. Have both parents give you away

The day you get to walk down the aisle will be one of the most significant days of your parents lives. Giving away the bride is a right of passage for many, but why only have your Dad give you away? Instead, let them share the experience together and both give you away. 

  1. Make each tables centrepieces the tables desserts

Desert anyone? Instead of opting for traditional floral centrepieces, why not give each table their own private dessert. It’ll be the sweetest treat and keep all the guests happy throughout the festivities. 


  1. Get a friend or family member to officiate

Last, but certainly not least, ask one of your friends to officiate the wedding. Not only will it add sentimental value in so many ways but it will also take a little of your ceremony stress away. 


While these are all just ideas, maybe one of them stood out more than the others. It’s your day and adding a little extra pisass never hurt anyone, especially when incorporating some of these ideas.

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