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The pandemic has changed the lives and plans of a lot of people, and the wedding day of many couples has been postponed during the crisis. However, Tamara and Jeremy getting married came unexpectedly; they weren't engaged at the time but had talked about getting engaged in 2021. Tamara randomly suggested getting married on the day of their son's Christening since their family and friends would already be at the church on that day. Jeremy said he was happy with the idea, then the couple decided on the wedding date, and they thought that this would be a good time to get married while the borders were open.


Tamara had only 6 weeks to plan a wedding alongside their son's Christening with Christmas and New Year in the middle of it all. Some family members from Tamara's side of the family couldn't make it due to them living in New Zealand. However, Tamara shared, "we were lucky enough that the border restrictions lifted for NSW the week of our wedding in February, so those family members were able to attend." 

The special day

This lovely couple had 86 guests, including themselves for the wedding day. They tried to keep the guest list to only family and very close friends, which was a little hard as Jeremy's mothers' side is Greek. From Tamara's side of the family, she was only able to have her Mother, Brother, Grandad, who walked her down the aisle, two aunties, her uncle, and a cousin attend the event as the rest of her family is in New Zealand including her Father and other siblings. Tamara shared her feelings with us: "I feel the version of our wedding was changed for the best. We didn't have an over-the-top wedding or something very simple at the registry office. We met in the middle of everything that we wanted." Tamara also told us that the day ran smoothly besides her mum getting lost with her grandad, who was walking her down the aisle and her son in the car. She mentioned, "that was a bit of a stressful moment waiting out front of the church when the service needed to start. However, our guests were none the wiser of what was going on out front and thought that I was arriving a bit late." 

The Dress

When Tamara first started looking for dresses, she had an idea in her head that she wanted a long sleeve to cover her arm tattoo. She also wanted the dress to be lace with a low open back and high neck. Tamara started by looking on Still White and trying on dresses around her living area. She told us she also investigated hiring a wedding dress from people that were happy to hire out their gowns and had an appointment with another studio to try on dresses. "By the time I had my appointment at WFML, I realised that what I had in my head might not work;" Tamara shared, "so I went in with an open mind and happy to try on different styles; I was thinking maybe something Grecian since it was a Greek Wedding in the Greek Orthodox Church."


Tamara tried a total of 10 dresses before her appointment with WFML, but when she tried on 5 dresses at our studio, she suddenly found the dress that she desired! She explained, "As soon as I put the WFML dress on without even looking at it in the mirror, I felt it could be the one. Once I stood in front of the mirror, I knew it was! I had this feeling of excitement come over me." The dress fits Tamara perfectly, which has an open back with beautiful and amazing Moroccan inspired patterned lace and is completely beaded in Swarovski Crystals. She told us she loved the unique lace and its style that is one of the main things that made her fall in love with it. "My dress made me feel amazing on the day. I felt beautiful and that I definitely had made the right choice", Tamara said. 

Final Thoughts

Tamara described her time at WFML as very relaxing and fun. She explained, "we had my 5-month-old son with which wasn't a problem at all. I felt I was able to take as much time as I needed with each dress that I tried on. I didn't once feel rushed at all."


Tamara's advice for brides choosing a gown that makes their day complete? Go in with an open mind. Try on dresses that might not be a style on your radar as you never know what you might find. Don't rush yourself and if you feel you didn't come across a dress that you love but know, there might be something there to book a second appointment. 


Congratulations to Tamara and Jeremy; your wedding was incredibly amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with WFML.


Bride: @mehmeh_mamma 

Hair and Makeup : @blushandbangsbeauty

Reception Venue: @thegreekclub

Flowers: @weddingflowersbyhelena

Wedding Cake: @bella_and_tortie

Photographers: @tritto

Dress: @whenfreddiemetlilly

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