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As soon as they knew the international borders were open, Stacey and Chris went right ahead and booked our wedding! 


The couple tied the knot a few months ago and have been hiking throughout America for their honeymoon. The pair are the picture of perfection and made their love known on a country backdrop. 

Luckily for Stacey and Chris, most Covid restrictions were lifted by the time they decided to tie the knot. There was no need for rescheduling as most of my friends and family could attend, however, not all of Chris’s family and friends could make it. Mostly due to financial or health reasons as opposed to Covid. 


Surrounded by friends and family added a whole-nother level of sentimental value for the couple. “We had a wonderful day. We had a couple of minor hiccups that I’m sure no one notices and didn’t both us too much either. Although, our cake was a pavlova and all six layers had collapsed! But, my amazing cousin was able to decorate it enough so you couldn’t even notice!” 

It looked like an incredibly special day for the pair and they looked amazing together. Stacey’s bespoke gown was the epitome of class and elegance. Before she found her perfect gown, Stacey had tried about 15 gowns. 

“My experience with When Freddie Met Lilly and more specifically Vanessa, was great. She was helpful and organised. My dress took only a little longer than expected but there were no issues having it in time for the wedding. I found my dress with less than 5 months to go and they were even able to custom make it! As well as make adjustments before the big day. 

I walked into this boutique with my mum and sister after a long day of dress shopping. I had confused myself so much and had no idea what kind of dress I wanted anymore. I was asked to pick out some dresses but I really struggled as I was so confused. That’s when Vanessa pulled out dress and asked me to try it on. Oh my goodness! I put the dress on and knew immediately that this was MY DRESS! I had that feeling everyone talks about when they find the one! It was perfect. We all cried and were so happy we found it. We cancelled the rest of my appointments and locked it in that day. I never had any hesitation after and couldn’t wait to see it again!”

“I felt so beautiful on the day. I loved the way it fit me and perfectly represented how special it made me feel.”


As for my husband, he walked into one shopping centre, two stores and found his suit within one hour of looking! I was very jealous. I think he looked very handsome and the white of my dress complimented the bold colour of his forest green suit. 

As for my advice for future brides, try on all kinds of dresses so you know what you do and definitely don't like. I honestly left it in Vanessa’s hands. She’s very good at what she does and knew exactly what was right for me. Talk to specialists and tell them when you need guidance, let them guide you! 


I’m so glad I walked into this store. I was so close to cancelling my appointment because I was getting hangry after a long day. I was looked after so well and was extremely impressed by Vanessa. Like I said, she’s incredibly good at her craft and know exactly how to guide me and find my dress. Now I just need an excuse to wear it again ;)”.


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